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I am back, again!!

If there is anybody in the world who can say I am back and then immediately disappear then it’s me.. But you know that already, I’ll tell you something that you don’t know – the reason(s) behind my one more magical disappearance and some other interesting (NOT) stuff from our lives..

I have been busy (nothing new you say?) but this time in a good way!! I’ve taken 6 baking classes for friends and neighbours, i.e. we have been baking cakes, breads and cookies. So after teaching the class I also had to work on preparing the class material. It was fun!! Those who learnt baking and their families loved the goodies and that makes me very happy!! A little positive feedback always boosts the morale 🙂

It was once again Zini’s vacation time!! Sometimes I wonder she is perpetually on vacation. There was winter vacation, then the term end vacation, then the summer vacation, then the navratri vacation, then the diwali vacation and finally we come back to the winter vacation!! In between there are some unplanned mini vacations, like election vacation (She is at home enjoying this vacation) .. Phew!! Why do the schools have to give so many vacations?! Why now? Why not when I was a student? Why?! Why?! Ok, so probably we don’t have answers to those questions… One of life’s mistries (or hard truth)?! The good news is that Zini’s formal school has finally started, the days of play schools are over and the uniform, school buses, lunch boxes and homework rule supreme in our lives. Not to forget early morning alarms… Thankfully she has already made a friend whom she was seen hugging and holding hands with yesterday.

The early morning alarms remind me of one more thing that has started occupying our mornings – Yoga.. Yes, once again we started doing yoga. Hopefully, we will be able to continue with the same rigor.

Oh BTW, you remember that post about one of those days? Finally it turned out I had carpal tunnel syndrome. That too kept me from blogging very regularly. I took an injection and already feeling much better. Though I can still do with some sleep (yeah, those early morning alarms robbing me of my precious sleep)..

So how have you been?

I am back :)

As promised in my last post, I went on a break, though a little longer than expected 😉

I went to Ahmedabad. Yeah I can see a lot of you getting jealous… But wait, this time I went for some work and not on vacation, so get a little less jealous 😉

I am going to read the posts on my reader but before that some Amdavad updates to banta hai 🙂

Finally I got the right sized cupcake moulds that I have been searching for since I started my baking business!! Yaay!! I also got some other baking related stuff!! I found a series of small shops selling all kinds of fancy bake ware in Manek Chowk!! I generally don’t do the city markets but this time I checked out Tran Darwaja!! Had fun checking out all the colourful stuff.

I tried out food from Agashiye, also checked out their rooms!! I would say the place is amazing!! Once I got in it was difficult to believe that it was really located in front of the bustling Vijli ghar!! The place has a calm and laid back vibe to it, which I loved, loved and loved!! And if you are visiting Ahmedabad and have enough money then go and stay there… They have amazing rooms, all vintage, heritage kinda stuff!! And they have a swing in the room!! You know my love for swings!! Yes, I loved, loved, loved their rooms too!!

I also taught bread and cookie baking to our neighbour. In the process I also learnt about a place from bhabhi, that sells all the baking ingredients including yeast, herbs, cake decoration and food colours on Kalupur tower road!! Next time I am going to visit it.. Talking about visiting places, I also wanted to visit Gujari AKA Ravivari (a flea market that takes place on Sundays), but it didn’t work out. Next visit I am checking it out for sure!!

Of course Zini and her best friend Y had a great time together… It was a repeat of last visit for them.. This time they also got to go for shopping together where they sat in the same trolley, had chocolate balls together and than finally fought 😉

Though I didn’t stay at my parents’ place this time, they visited us with lots of goodies!! So Kachori, Dekhra, handvo and Vedhmi were eaten in abundance!! We also went to parents’ place for dinner where I ended up eating so many dhoklas and handvo that I had to skip the dinner of Pao bhaji!! Fun time, I tell you 😉


Did I just complete the blogathon?!

Something that I thought was completely impossible for me!! But here I am at the finish line along with so many amazing bloggers!! Yahoo!!

When I read about it @ RM’s place I was sure I couldn’t do it. But then I wanted to see if I could do it.. Then I thought of giving it a try and once I started there was no option of stopping. So my subscribers had to bear a lot of cheat posts in the name of blogathon..But hey, I still managed to post everyday, braving internet troubles and Zini’s vacation!!

It had been a fun journy, at time strenuous as I had busy days, at times I was overwhelmed with work, Some of the days I posted just before conking off to bed!! I also wrote almost everyday and hardly used my drafts. Most of the days, I wrote what I felt like and on other days I posted recipes on my food blog!! Thanks to blogathon, I completed 100 posts on this blog, which I thought would take a long long time!!

And yes Tharani, I too did that post, check comments, write comments and repeat cycle on most days 😉

And finally would say bye and go on a break.. Did you just heaved a sigh of relief?! The relief won’t last longer, I am coming back in a week :mrgreen:

Gaajar no Sambharo

Gaajar no Sambharo

Today I’ve shared the recipe of Gaajar no Sambharo/ Quick Carrots Stir Fry @ my food blog…

Zini strikes again!!

Disclaimer: don’t read if you are grossed out by reading about potty. Though let me tell you it’s hilarious.. Aah well, things we do for the blogathon 😉

This is what happened when Zini learnt the concept of friendship:

Mumma aap mere friend ho (mummy you are my friend)..

Roti Bhakhari ki friend hai (Roti is friend of bhakhari – both are flatbreads)..

Roti Pronthi ki bhi friend hai (Roti is friend of Paratha – again flatbreads)

Bhakhari aur pronthi friends hai kya?

And the most hiliarious of them all is : Potty Su su ki friend hai!!


We went to Zini’s doc. We tell him that she seems to be having some gas problem as she has been burping a lot..

Zini immediately corrected me – dakar ko gas mat bolo (don’t call burp as gas), gas to piche se aati hai!!

Everybody including doctor almost fell of the chair..


Zini after doing her potty:

Yeh potty cake ke jaise ban gayee, chalo iski photo khinche..

Perils of food blogging!!!


We were coming back from Ludhiana in car and saw a cow on the road with a wagging tail.

Excited Zini shouted: dekho cow poonch se bye-bye kar rahi hai (The cow is saying bye using her tail)!!


Today I’ve shared the recipe of Handvo in Paniyaram Pan at my food blog..

Handvo in paniyaram pan

Handvo in paniyaram pan

Mein Jyaada nahi maangti!!

Since my childhood I was sure in what kind of home I would like to spend my life!!

I always wanted my dream home to have a lot Hinchka (Jhoola/ Swings)!! And no, the regular Wooden or Metal hinchkas won’t do. They had to be paatiwala hinchka (they feel more like hammock) where I could sleep, eat and read!! And yes, it has to be situated near a river.

I also wanted to have a big garden with lots of mango trees of my own!! So that I can have loads and loads of mango in the season!! And also a swing under mango tree for those lazy summer afternoons, where I can read and sleep and listen to flowing water!!

As I grew up, more and more features started getting added to my dream home!! I didn’t want a big palatial home!! A home where everybody had their own space would be just fine!! But it had to be airy and well lit but not hot!! It has to have kind of laid back feeling to it!! So that you feel that you are on a permanent holiday!!

It also has to have a decent sized backyard where we can have a kitchen garden, preferably with a swing!!

And of course this home has to have a well stocked library once again with a swing where I would read my books lying down!!

Now that I have been bitten by baking and cooking bug, I would also prefer a big sunlit kitchen with a biiiig pantry to store all the exotic ingredients!! A built in oven in a modular kitchen would be just perfect!!

The home should be cool and shady in summers and warm in winters!! Probably I would also want a fireplace in living room!!

And no zatak colours for my home!! Subtle, pastel colours will be great on walls and the furniture has to feel like real wood!! And as I am a lazy ass, I would like Asian Paints guys to come over, move the furniture and my beloved swings, colour the rooms, restore everything including my beloved swings!! Thank you 🙂

You see, Mein Jyaada nahi maangti 🙂

So what’s your dream home like?

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