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As usual we went veggie shopping on weekend. And apart from the usual fare, saw raw mangoes. got really excited (i love mangoes & almost everything made out of it). So bought few. today thought will make some Chhunda out of it (something like murabba, but with salt & chilly powder).

Now, of course i don’t know how to make it. (Till now my mom has been sending me the year’s supply :)). But i thought it’s high time i learnt it. so called up mom & asked how to make it.

Me: Mummy, How to make Chhundo?

Mummy: Do you have mangoes? (See, she thinks i don’t even know that it’s made of mangoe)

Me: Of course!!

Mummy: Okay!!! Grate mangoes, Add the same amount of sugar, mix well & heat on the gas (The faster option). Cook till u get the proper chashni, then add salt & chilly powder mix well, cook a li’l & u’r done!!

Me: Oh it’s so simple, don’t make Chhundo for me this year, i’ll make it myself….

Mummy: ?!!?!?!?!! we still have time, let me know if you change your mind!! (Sure she thinks i am going to mess up)

So, after a little this & that talk with my mom, i go to the task on hand. Grate mangoes, add sugar, mix well & start heating. Yes, it looks alright. At a point i think it’s done.

But then the overcooking queen that i m, i think let me cook a little further what’s the harm!!?!

So i keep cooking. Then suddenly i realize that there is no chashni left. Fataft turned off the gas, added salt, mirch powder, mixed fanatically.

By this time, i was sure that the thing that i have made is not Chhunda, Nooooooooo it’s not Chhunda…….BooHoooo 😦 (Let me call mummy, plz make it for me this year as well & for all the coming years)

I let it cool down, & then taste a little. I think it’s a familiar taste, but no it’s not Chhunda. i  taste a li’l more & yes, it is the KHATTI MITHI GOLI (though not shaped as goli, actually cut up in small shapeless pieces)……..

so people, the overcooking queen managed to make khatti mithi goli galti se 😉

As i was trying it out, my 2 year old zini came in & asked for it, “Aapu Aapu (give give)”, so i give a li’l bit to her. & surprise surprise, the Chatori likes it. she had it Chatkhare maar ke 😀

Totally worth overcooking!!!!!!


Comments on: "Khatti Mithi Goli….(Galti Se)" (5)

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  3. now that’s a lovely expression “chatkhare maar ke” ..ZIni and Chirpy are sisters 😀

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