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Zini’s Mini Tales

Risms inspired me to record my zini’s amusing (& sometimes annoying) antics… So here they go…………..

Tale 1:

Zini loves to add extra bindi (Anuswaar) to words. Few examples:

Normal lingo                       Zini Lingo

Kitchen                               Kinchan

Pigeon                                 Pinjan

Machhar(Mosquito)             Manchar

Button                                  Bantan

Tale 2:

Zini’s friend T has come home. (Well, actually T is a 2nd standard kid & zini has not even completed 2 years. But still they are friends!!!)

Zini (Authoritatively): Didi, Didi, T, T…….

T: Kya Hua, Zini?? (What happened, Zini)

Zini (points to her tri-cycle): Be-Be (Betho- Sit)

T (Shocked): you want me to sit on your chotu sa cycle?

Zini: haaaaaaaa (Pulling T to Cycle)

T: Okay Baba!! (Sweet T, gives in to every whim of zini)

So, now the scene is:

T is sitting on the cycle (not able to pedal because her legs are too long for the cycle.) & Zini is pushing the cycle. Both of them laughing & having fun!!!

And now every time T comes home, Zini makes her sit on the cycle & pushes it.

Tale 3:

Me: Chalo, let me cut Bhindi…

Zini (shouts excitedly): Kaam Kaam……….(Work Work….)

So Zini brings her own bowl & whatever i cut, she picks up & puts in her own bowl !!!! (still excitedly shouting Kaam Kaam)

Tale 4:

Zini says Hi to everything, mind it everyTHING.

Me: Chhotu tummy ko bhukhi lagi hai? (is small tummy hungry?)

Zini (Pulling her t-shirt a little up) : Hi Totu tummy, Bhukhi (Hungry)?!?!?

Then we go for a walk. Near the lift there are many mosquitos. So zini says “Hi Manchar, Hello”.

Once we go down, we meet a neighbour. She tries hard to talk to Zini.Says “Hi Zini”. This time Zini doesn’t even bother to look at her.

See, the Zini-losophy says, “Say Hi to things not the people”

Tale 5:

Zini has started saying “Thank you”!!! This is what happened when she tried it on her Papa.

Zini: Papa, Paai Paai (Pani, Pani)

Papa gives water to Zini.

Zini: Tantu Papa (Thank you Papa)

Papa: Huh?!??! (looks at me) what did she just say?

Me (smiling smugly): Arey Baba, it’s Thank you!!!

The Scene changes, zini wants to help me serve food (Kaam Kaam..). so she is carrying roti (1 by 1, takes longer to serve = zini is occupied for longer time), gives roti to Papa.

Zini: Papa Tantu.

Papa: Arey Beta, you don’t have to say Thank you…

Zini: Tantu Papa Tantu (getting irritated).

Papa is perplexed!!!

Me: I think she wants you to say Thank you.

Papa (realization dawning on him): Thank you Beta!!

Zini: Ok Papa!!


Comments on: "Zini’s Mini Tales" (3)

  1. […] while hubby entertained  Zini, P, Her daughter T(yes that is Zini’s T Didi) and I went […]

  2. lol @ saying Hi to everything and ‘tantu’ 🙂 🙂 awww she is super cute !!!

    Let more Zinisms come our way !

    • Thanks,
      Sure, i’ll let the Zini tales come out 🙂
      Now, she has started saying proper Thank you!!!!
      And due to school effect, even started saying hi to people!!!

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