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Warning: a long long post ahead, skip if you are allergic to silly songs…

Yes, i am not a poet, but Zini forces me to be 1. So i make up silly songs for my daughter & she makes me sing them again & again & again & again (you get the idea)…….. here they are….

Song 1:

Butterfly, Butterfly, Where do you fly??

In the garden, I fly…

Butterfly, Butterfly, How do you fly??

My Wings help me fly…

Butterfly, Butterfly, Why do you fly??

I like to fly…

Butterfly, Butterfly, fly, fly, fly…

Bye, Bye, Bye…

We have a painting of butterflies in one room & whenever Zini sees that (or somebody speaks the word “Butterfly”) she makes me sing this song. Sung in the same tune as, Teddybear Teddybear turn around….

Song 2:

This one is partly composed by Zini herself…

AaAaAaAa (Composed by Zini)

So ja pyaari Zini so ja… (Sleep Dear Zini, Sleep)


Aankhe Band kar so ja…(Close your eyes & Sleep)


Chhoti Chhoti Babaa so ja…(Little Child, Sleep)


Pyari Pyari Bachha so ja…(Dear Child, Sleep)

Zini also gives suggestion to add other people to the sleep list, like papa, mummy, her friend D, D’s mom, D’s Papa, Jay Jay & so on….(In that case i have to add a line saying “so jaao, mummy mummy so jaao”)

Song 3:

This 1 is in Gujarati, but hopefully easy to understand

Zini Zini Zini Zini Zini

Zini Bahu Vhali Mummy ni (Zini is very dear to Mummy)

Zini Zini Zini Zini Zini

Aali Aali kari che javani (is going to sleep now)

Zini Zini Zini Zini Zini

Zini have nathi radvani (is not going to cry now)

Zini Zini Zini Zini Zini

Daahi diki thai ne rehvani (is going to be good daughter)

Song 4:

This is our everytime song…. when Zini is bathing, eating, walking, playing anything…….. Sung in the tune of “He is a jolly good fellow”


Hum to karte hai Khai Khai (or Nini or Nahi Nahi or walkie or kheli kheli…)

Hum to karte hai Khai Khai

Hum to karte hai Khai Khaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Arey Bhai, Khai Khai Khai Khai Khai Khai…………….

Song 5:

This is the silliest of them all. the thing is that i like tweety & when Zini was very young she was very much like tweety, so we needed a song dedicated to tweety, here it is….

Tweety Tweety Tweety,

Tweety tha ek chhota sa ek yellow colour ka canary bird, (Tweety was small yellow canary bird)

Naani ke saath voh rehta tha, (used to stay with Granny)

Kheli Kheli Karta tha, (used to play)

Khai Khai karta tha, (used to eat)

Vo Nini bhi kar leta tha, (used to sleep)

Vaah bhai vaah bhai vaah bhai vaah…

Vaha pe tha ek billa, (there was a cat)

uska naam tha sylvester, (his name was sylvester)

tweety ko tang voh karta tha, (used to harrass tweety)

Ha bhai, Ha bhai, Ha bhai, Ha…

Par tweety tha bada smarty, (But tweety was very smart)

Bille ko sabak sikhata tha, (used to teach lesson  to the cat)

Vaah bhai vaah bhai vaah bhai vaah…

Vaha pe tha ek doggie, (there was a doggie)

Uska naam tha Hector, (his name was hector)

Voh tha bada achha,(he was very good)

tweety ko help voh karta tha, (used to help tweety)

Vaah bhai vaah bhai vaah bhai vaah…


Comments on: "Mein Shayar to Nahi….." (2)

  1. first things first: your possibly long posts are also not long..so I love the optimum length of them all 🙂

    these are super awesome song and by no means SILLY okay? lovely is the word !

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