Zini, me & life in general

I had this obsessive compulsive disorder. I would let Zini eat only food that’s cooked at home & is healthy. And I was pretty obsessive about this, sometimes drawing scolding looks, sometimes drawing advice & sometime drawing encouragement.

so, normally, whatever she eats is cooked at home. i even used to bake wholegrain biscuits, cakes & breads at home for her. (Led to some of my cooking misadventure ;), & if she didn’t like them then i used to end up eating them, adding extra fat to my already fat body).

Then 1 fine day, hubby told me to take it easy (actually not so fine day, we had an argument about this taking easy business). But then i realized that in few months she will start her playschool, and i won’t be able to ensure that all the food that goes into her li’l mouth is healthy homemade food.

so, i relented & started by giving her healthy outside food ( started with multigrain biscuits & breads). But still she had not eaten at a restaurant yet.

But, friday was different. I had enough of cooking & wanted a break. Actually wanted to go on a short vacation during this long weekend but it didn’t work out so i decided to act as if i was already on a vacation (by not cooking ;)). This led to Friday being the auspicious day for Zini to start her eating out career. If she takes after me (i hope she doesn’t), she will fly high in this career. (there was a time when, i wouldn’t go home without eating out at least once during the day).

So, we all had our morning milk (yes, we don’t drink Tea, coffee etc…). & then i declared that we should go out for brunch & as i was missing Hyderabad big time, i thought we should go for south Indian fare.

At 11.00, we started towards a restaurant called Vaango (Our neighbours gave good reviews of the place). On reaching there we realized that the place was completely empty except for the few waitpeople in green T-shirt & us. we settled down in a window facing seat & ordered small Button Idlis (For Zini), Vada Plate & Plain Dosa (For Hubby) & Masala Dosa (For me).

Zini Idli’s arrived 1st, she normally likes Idli, so picked up 2 Idlis and started munching. then realized that she had 2 bowls full of Sambaar & chutney at her disposal, so she poured everything in her idli’s & started mixing frantically, sending droplets in every direction. (Thank God, i was wearing dark coloured dress). I tried to intervene, but it did not help. Finally, taking away her plate made her realize that she can keep the possession of the plate only by eating out of it. So she picked up her spoon & started eating, but now the Idli had sambar & chutney & it was a bit too spicy for her. So, she left her food for me to finish.

Now she looked at Papa’s plate, his Vadas had arrived by now. So, she gave her papa one of those innocent look & said, “Aapu Aapu”. Papa of course melted, & the Vada was Zini’s. Zini liked the Vada, she had a Vada. Then she looked at my Masala Dosa, now what other choice do i have, if i want peace?? i offered her some dosa & she happily munched on it. (She likes Dosa as well). We ordered one more Vada for her. The staff there was sweet enough to accommodate our request & Zini got one more Vada.

And, 1st time in her life Zini ate restaurant food & 1st time in my mommy life, i ate peacefully at a restaurant (Hubby set with Zini & fed her Vada :)).

Oh, and once Zini madam was done eating, she was back to her usual antics. So, she started by exploring the place (Thankfully it was empty). One of the waitperson there gave her a green balloon, which she refused 1st, then said “Mummy”, to indicate to come through proper channel. As i played the postman & gave the balloon to her, she said “Tantu (Thank you)” to the guy. And once he went back to his place, she started shouting Mama, Mama.. (Well, for Zini every male of human species is her Mama).

And as expected, she went mad with balloon. kicking it & throwing it around, we joined her in throwing it around & the balloon went burst. Zini is scared of Bombs (I have hard time during Diwali & weddings) & whenever there is a very loud noise she clings to me saying “bam bam”.  So, i expected our usual round of clinginess. Zini looked scared, but when we explained that it was baloon that made noise & it was normal for balloons to do that,  for the 1st time in history, she didn’t cling to me (Yaaay, Yippeeeeeee).  The guy came back & gave her 1 more balloon. This time she took it herself saying “Tantu Mama”!!!

On our way back to home, hubby wanted to have an ice cream, so v went to a nearby mall. & in the entrance of the mall, there was…..a Baraf Gola wala (Chuski/Slush wala), his board claimed that they made Ice using mineral water, the chance was too good to let go. i got a khus flavoured Baraf Gola (for the 1st time in my mommy life). While i was having the tasty gola, Zini decided to play in the big foyer of the mall with her balloon. And people strolling the mall decided to join her by an occasional kick or a push to her balloon. While hubby went to have his ice cream, Zini & i continued with our balloon play, which stopped when this balloon also burst.

After all this fun, we almost decided to go back to home, but then i thought of buying a new dress for my cousin’s wedding. so, v went to a shop in the mall. and the shop owners had their almost Zini’s aged son at the shop. Zini & the little boy hit it off immediately & started playing together (The games included, looking into the mirror & making funny faces & then laughing, knocking on mummy’s back & then on the stools). For the 1st time in the history, i could do my shopping (almost) peacefully with Zini around. 

Had Fun, Fun, Fun, lot’s of fun……………..Loved this day of many 1sts…


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  2. this is such a releiving phase of mommyhood no? when we see our child becoming independant and developing an immune system? 🙂 YAY

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