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I was telling this old classic to Zini. where a small mouse saves lion from hunter. in between, i ask questions & Zini answers them.

Me: Jungle me Ek Lion rehta tha, (There was a lion in a jungle), Aur kaun rehta tha? (Who Else used to stay there?)

Zini: Mouse…

Me: Lion Nini karne laga (Lion was sleeping), Lion kaise Nini Karta tha? (How Did he used to sleep?)

Zini: Aape Aape (On his own – I am trying to teach her to sleep on her own, so every character sleeps on his/her own in our stories.)

Me: To Vaha pe mouse aa gaya, vo lion ke hair khinchne laga (The mouse came there, he started pulling lions hair)

Lion jaag gaya, usne mouse ko pakad liya (Lion woke up & caught the mouse)

Lion bola “Mouse, mein Tumhe Kha jaaunga”… (Lion said, mouse, i’ll eat you)

To mouse kya bola, Zini? (So what did the mouse say, Zini?)

Zini: TANTU (Thank you)

Me: !!!!?!?!?!!!

(For those who don’t know this story, mouse says sorry… so the good lion lets the mouse go.  That’s when, mouse says Thank you. But Zini Madam decided that mouse says “Thank you” to Lion for declaring that he was going to eat mouse, probably mouse thought it was a compliment on how delicious he looked !!!!)


Comments on: "The Lion & the mouse story (remixed – Zini Style)……….." (2)

  1. hahaha enjoyed!

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