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Punjabi Saambar!!!!!

Yes, that’s my latest achievement 😉

Well, Saambar was not supposed to make it to my cooking misadventures, as i am making it since almost 6 years now & got it tested on my family & many of unsuspecting friends……

But, impossible is nothing….so, here is my adventure with the humble Saambar…..

I was making Dosa (Did i tell, Zini & hubby both loves Dosas), so of course Saambar is needed for the company.

As, i was already late, i was cooking hurriedly..(Hubby came late from office & i cook only when Zini is sleeping or is being entertained by someone else, otherwise everyday there would be a cooking misadventure ;))

So, when it came to add masala, i picked the packet from the fridge fatafat without looking & added 1 spoon full of it.

When i served the food, hubby had a spoonful of saambar  & made his thinking face (Oh yes, he does that without realizing), said “Aaj saambar kuch alag hai, Kya gadbad ki hai?”

Then, i saw the Masala packet that was still outside, it said Punjabi Chhole Masala….

So, this is how i invented a new recipe – Punjabi Saambar

And yes, Zini liked my this misadventure too…..She had lots of saambar….

Hubby is now suggesting that whenever we make Saambar, we make 2 versions of it, the normal Saambar for us & the Punjabi Saambar for Zini?!?!??!


Comments on: "Punjabi Saambar!!!!!" (2)

  1. punjabi sambhar sounds better if you hear what I did…My hubby was sick n he wanted adrak wali chai. I dint have ginger at home- so put in store bought ginger garlic paste in the tea. He felt better after the team but kept complaining that d tea smells funny!!hehe

  2. Hahaha…. :lol:, when these guys will meet, they will definitely crib about our “master pieces” 😉

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