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The Wedding – Part I

Yaay, my dear cousin got married  & we went to Amdavad for that (yaay again…)

Yes, i got the promised pampering (yaay one more time).

watched a movie – Housefull 2 (Well, beggers are no choosers, this was the only movie in the nearest movie hall at the right time, but yaay, i watched a movie)

And above all, enjoyed all my days at Amdavad…

Here is what we did:

Day 1: At my In law’s place

Zini met Dada-Dadi & her old friends, though she didn’t eat properly 😦 but was happy to be back

Went to get my new dress stitched. First time travelled by the BRTS. caught an A.C. bus. reached there in half the time. I am impressed.

Day 2: At my In law’s place

Went to my old work place (had to collect a check :)). met my friends, laughed a lot, had a cold coffee 🙂 had lots of fun…

in the evening went to neighbour’s place, again laughed lot (curtsy Zini & her antics).

My brother came to pick us up, went to Zini’s Doc & realized that she still remembers the doctor. (She started crying as soon as we parked the car). Next station – home. Zini is a bit cranky after seeing the doctor.

after that went to Naani’s place. It was her son’s wedding. (That’s my maasi, everybody calls her Naani as she is the younger of the 2 sisters – Naani means “little” in Gujarati). Had our dinner there. Zini had Dosa (finally she ate :)) & clinged to me when anybody tried to talk to her…

Day 3: At mom’s place

When Zini was taking her after bath nap, went to the nearest mall & got mehndi done. (She doesn’t like it when i have mehndi stuck to my hand, last time she saw that she created a lot of ruckus, didn’t want to take chance this time :)) Came back to see that Zini was already awake. But thankfully, this time she took kindly to my mehndi aspirations.

Went to Naani’s place, where the actual mehndi function was taking place. Had our lunch & then had fun chatting…

In the evening, it was Garba function. Zini once again proved that she loves to dance…While everybody was doing garba in rounds, she & her little mama C (my mama’s son, he is younger than Zini), climbed onto the dance floor & started dancing free style….Everybody had fun watching the 2 kids having fun 🙂

Thankfully hubby came, so he baby set Zini, while i had fun dancing (Hubby doesn’t dance at all :().

But Zini wanted to be in thick of action & forced me to carry her to the dance floor. And once she was there, she didn’t let me get down. Finally, when music stopped, the girl cried so much shouting “gaana, gaana………” we had to take her out for a ride to calm her down. After that she obliged us by letting us have our dinner.

Day 4: Ganesh Sthapan

There was a function of Ganesh Sthapan & Pithi (Haldi) on this day. But Zini & i missed it as i was trying to feed Zini & she was trying to escape 😦

Thankfully was able to reach there before lunch.

And this turned out to be the auspicious day when hubby & i went to watch the movie, leaving Zini with mummy, papa & my brother…

More about the wedding in part II


Comments on: "The Wedding – Part I" (3)

  1. BRTS is pretty good na…I went in it twice and was quite impressed. Good to know that you enjoyed dear.

    P.S Can I call you ZM? As in Zini’s mom

  2. Yeah, it’s really cool, saves a lot of time!!! even in peak hours, i could get a place to sit. Likey…
    you can call me ZM, TM whatever you like 🙂

  3. […] Part I of this story is here. […]

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