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The Wedding – Part II

Part I of this story is here.

Day 5: The D Day

The wedding was to take place at Aanand (the bride is from Baroda & the groom is from Ahmedabad, so they decided to meet in between :))

Everybody started early, but because of Zini, we were allowed the privilege to start a little late.

So, Zini & i got ready & started at around 8.30 & went to pick up hubby & dada dadi. Once they were in, Zini had a great time  jumping from one lap to another lap.

Reached the hotel & met my dear cousin S 🙂 she offered to put my saaree (Thank god for her, i am pretty hopeless when it comes to wearing saaree). of course, i immediately agreed 🙂

As we were in process of getting ready, breaking news came that Zini had done potty!!! i mean how did this girl know that mom is now wearing a saaree & this is THE time!!!! Thank God for mummy, she ran & cleaned Zini.

after that my Mama started suggesting(read shouting) that we are getting late for baaraat… so i ran out without combing my hair (yes, i can do that even on a wedding :))

Meanwhile Zini saw me sitting in another car & started crying, thinking that i am abandoning her 🙄

So finally hubby came with Zini to our car & Zini jumped in through the open window on me!!!

And then the DJ started playing the music & Zini the dancing star wanted to join the action. So she again started her tantrum which in turn frightened my already nervous, about to be married brother & he asked me do whatever Zini wanted, this girl surely knows how to make people do what she wants 🙄 , so to avoid making my brother more nervous i took Zini to the dancing crowd & we danced!!!

Once we moved inside the hall, i tried to take Zini to a room to make her asleep. a friend of my brother joined us in a hope that i will be able to help her with Saaree wearing (She didn’t know about me & sarrees & how we don’t get along ;)). so poor girl had to manage the saaree herself… meanwhile Zini decided that she doesn’t want to sleep & instead had her food (With my OCD still around, had packed bananas, besan barfi & puris for her lunch). Two ladies appeared in the room & gave me some advice in sindhi (my bhabhi is sindhi), which of course i couldn’t understand & they translated it in gujarati, the advice was “let your child sleep”!!!!!

When we returned to the hall, In laws had thankfully finished their lunch. so they took charge of Zini. hubby & i went for lunch, it was so good to eat alone without any interruption from Zini.

By this time all other ceremonies were done & my brother & bhabhi were starting their feras. They looked great together :), my brother in an outfit inspired by Akbar from Jodha Akbar (though we did a little taang khinchai 😉 about the akbari outfit, he actually looked good) & Bhabhi in a blue & red Chaniya choli…They looked splendind!! So we all gathered around shooting flowers in his direction & showering bhabhi with petals 😉 and then there was this live performance of “Damadam Mast kalandar” song  & almost everybody from the bride’s & groom’s side jumped to dance, of course Zini madam joined in…

After this visited one of my Foi (auntie)’s new place with my papa & hubby, left Zini with Dada-Dadi in the garden & she had a gala time running around chasing birds & people alike ;).  On the way we dropped my cousin S & V Mami…

OMG My foi has a great garden, with at least 3 swings in different corners (did i mention, i love swings in the garden :))!!!! I replenished Zini’s milk supply & then we went back to the venue…

Finally, we reached back & it was time to leave…We got a new bhabhi in the family (yaay..)

Day 5: Grah Shanti

Hubby left in the morning..

Zini & I reached late with our same i-want-to-feed-you-don’t-want-to-eat routine 🙄

But reached before lunch 🙂

Met everybody, had an eventful lunch (Zini jumped off the chair, then C, A (my brother’s foi’s son) & Zini took turns to sit in the driver seat of the loading rickshaw of the caterer :)). And it was time to say Bye to those who were travelling back, we too came back..

Oh & it was my papa’s birthday & he gave us party in the night, so in the evening we packed the food on the way to Nani’s place & had fun eating together. Zini was very sleepy, she slept at Nani’s place & i sat peacefully with everybody:), got a wonderful head massage from Nani :), felt like joining Zini in the sleep after the massage, but alas, had to take Zini home, So it was the final bye-bye to everybody 😦

Day 6: Back to Noida

Zini was pretty happy & generally behaved on the flight. (Barring the episodes, where she repeatedly tried to tap on the watch of our fellow passenger, shouting mama-mama till the guy acknowledged her, shouting Papa-papa excitedly when we were about to land, waving Bye-Bye to everybody – what this is pretty much behaving as per Zini standards)

So i am back, and i am already missing everybody 😦 waiting for another trip….


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