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Office Office!?!?!?

Zini has enlightened views about everything, here is what she thinks about what her papa does at office!!!

Me: Zini, Papa kaha gaye? (Where did papa go?)

Zini: Aapis (Office)

Me: Zini, papa office mein kya karte hai? (What does papa do in the office?)

Zini: Helloooooooo…Phom…(Phone)

No, he doesn’t work at a call center as a calling agent, and yes, he does a lot of other work at his office that is not related to phone!!!

Just because her papa calls her from office & says Hello to her, she thinks that this is the only thing her papa does at office 🙄


Comments on: "Office Office!?!?!?" (5)

  1. Hehe..thats cute 😀

  2. Thanks, Visha 🙂

  3. […] Zini started saying “Kaam”(work) when asked what does papa do in the office (here is what used to happen few days […]

  4. awww such aww !!!! Zini’s papa must have felt so cute reading this no? 🙂

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