Zini, me & life in general

My cousin R told me she will be coming to Noida & when i saw her number flashing on my phone, i knew she has come. She is my second cousin..

I have fond memories of time spent with her. She is a few years elder to me (doesn’t look like though) Whenever we visited Mumbai, she used to take me around in local train, indulge me with street shopping, treated me to Vada-Pao & Idli-Chutneys….We would hop(actually travel by train) from one uncle’s place to another uncle’s place…All this made me really confident, i realized that i can manage myself in any unknown situation even if i am alone…So this way, she has a contribution in the way i am today!! Thanks R…

Over the years, we haven’t been so much in touch..We kept talking online for few years, then my job, courtship, a new job, wedding, one more new job & Zini happened & we almost lost touch. We kept hearing about each other from our parents, his brother (who came to Ahmedabad on the day when the city was almost in the water & my daredevil πŸ™„ brother picked him up from the railway station and brought him & the car home (almost drowned ;))

But yesterday, when we met, we talked as if we never lost touch….

So we talked about our grand parents , our parents,our aunties, our uncles, our cousins & their kids,

Our jobs – old & new,

Our recent travels,

Our mutual love for cartoons (yes, we STILL like to watch cartoons – well the cartoons of the bygone era -before the Shin Chans & Doremons came storming),

Old phones, New Phones, Smart Phones (I want to buy a new phone, she has bought one, so basically she was giving me advice :)),

Friends, Neighbours,Β Maids,

Travelling in a local train & travelling in the metro,

Guns & safety of women in metros,

Vada-Pao, Idlis, Kansaar, Lapsi, chocolates, Ice-creams (Basically food….)

Weight & watching the weight…

Books that we have read…

& of course Zini…

So basically everything under the sun….

I had made Bhajiya (Pakoda), Paneer ki Sabzi, Baingan Bharta & Parathas…After the dinnerΒ A(my hubby) took us out for Ice-cream. Went to Cafe Coffee day & enjoyed the ice-creams…R & I managed to pull A’s leg also πŸ˜‰

By this time Zini was in her i-want-to-sleep mode, so we came home & went straight to sleep (well after Zini had her Milk)…

Next Day morning, once A went to office, we hung around with cups of milk (No tea/coffee in the morning for us), Biscuits & Mamra (for Zini)….And again we talked & talked & talked….

For the breakfast i made, Oats Puda with Mint Chutney…..

Now if you are asking, So much cooking and no misadventure?!?!? Then the answer is yes, there was a gadbad…

After making few Pudas, i thought of making a second round of batter, in this i forgot to add salt :roll:, I realized this only when i had a puda from 2nd round, dear R, being so sweet, had already had the no-salted Puda without any complaint..When i asked her she said sweetly that i didn’t realize that because i had with Chutney…(Wait, was Chutney too salty??!?!?! No, thankfully it was alright :))

After the breakfast, a little more chit-chat & enjoying Zini’s antics, it was time for her to leave.

Zini loved having her so much, that she went to sleep saying her name!!!

R got this dress for Zini!!!


Comments on: "Here comes the cousin……….." (5)

  1. Aww.. that was so sweet of her. She ate the saltless pudas and chutneys without complaining πŸ™‚ Some nice time spent with your cousin πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah, we had great time….
    Hey chutney was alright, it was one of the Pudas, that was saltless πŸ™‚

  3. must have been fun. πŸ™‚ Reading this reminded me of times spent with my close cousins…

  4. Hey Jas, welcome here πŸ™‚
    It was indeed fun!!! Glad you got reminded of good times πŸ™‚

  5. […] is the dress that my cousin R brought for Zini in her last visit and came in handy for this fancy […]

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