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Finally I am writing about this, something or the other used to come to my mind and i kept putting this on the back burner…

Disclaimer: A Long Post ahead….

We had a vacation on the long weekend of Good Friday 🙂 (Before we went to Ahmedabad)

As i indicated in this post, i wanted to go on vacation on the Friday itself, but it didn’t work out. so we went out and had that fateful day of many firsts…

Saturday morning D & P (our friends from Hyderabad) called up. They were in Meerut with their lovely daughter K (Almost same age as Zini). D suggested that we should go on a vacation, A (my hubby) asked me & i immediately agreed!!! So, within record time, made breakfast & had it, made puris for kids, did packing, got ready & got on the road.

Now, on the way to Meerut, we lost our way (We actually reached some part of Delhi :roll:), finally somehow we managed to reach Meerut (with lots of inputs & feedback from D :)) So we met lovely little K for the first time!!!

Oh and did i mention that the delicious lunch was waiting for us there :)?!?! So we had, Paneer, Bhindi, Daal, Stuffed Karela, Curd, Hot Rotis, Hot Puris, Rice & Salad for lunch…Yummyyyyyyyy……..(i had everything, A had Paneer & Bhindi & Zini had Puri, Rice & Salad :))

Then i realized that i forgot to pack Zini’s soap & spoons; P realized that she forgot to pack hand sanitiser, so after adding the missing items & some more puris & food for kids to our luggage, we started for Lansdowne. (It’s one of the nearest hill station from NCR, so it was the obvious choice, also D’s parents had stayed there when D was very little, so they wanted D to see the place)

So, P & I caught up on all the talks & cribbed about our daughters ;), sang old mcdonald (& sundry nursery rhymes) & showed cows/cats/trees/train to the kids. And kids too enjoyed with each other. We pulled A’s leg (his food habits!!!) & D’s leg!!! Thankfully the guys spared us 🙂

Kids slept at the same time (Miracle)!!! Then we reached at a place called Kotdwar, from here we had to start our uphill journey. On the way we made calls for booking in the resorts (yes, we are proper planners ;)). After being rejected by 2.5 resorts (we mistakenly called up a resort in Kotdwar 🙄 the guy there politely informed us that they cannot accommodate us at Lansdowne, but if we decide to stay at Kotdwar he can oblige us!!!), on the 4th call we found a kind soul at the other end, and he agreed to have us(One more Miracle)!!!

On the way, at a place called Dugadda, we suddenly saw a big off-white semicircle in the sky!! Yes, it was the moon!! it looked so magnificent, we stayed there for some time looking at it & in front of us the semicircle became full circle shining high in the sky!!! Fell in love with the view!!!

Finally, we started again to reach the Blue Pine resort, which is a pleasant place (though not five start types, but charming, clean, kid friendly & with a great view)….So first we went to D&P’s room, then A went up to our room along with the staff to keep our luggage in our room (No body wanted to climb extra steps). And he came back saying that, that room has a great view and we should hang out there. And he was right!!! The view was magnificent, we could see the lovely moon over the valley, with twinkling lights of the far away (ok 4 kms far) town!! We could also see the open air disc!! Kids loved the place & had their food dancing to the DJ’s tune!!

After a quick dinner we ran up to the disc, both the kids and their mommies danced, while Papas were busy taking pics!!! Finally we called it the night (rather the DJ did it) & we went to our rooms…Once Zini slept, A & I went back to the balcony & sat there looking at the moon in the dark silent night!!! Next day at 6 am, A woke me up!! I was about to plead for 5 more mins of sleep  but he told me that the sun is  about to rise & i jumped out of the bed(actually came out quietly, you don’t jump around when Zini is asleep – Sote hue sher ko jagaate nahi)!!! And together we saw the sun-rise!!! it was magnificent, the fresh morning air, the golden, yellow, red sky, simply blew me…We again set there looking at the view, clicking pics & talking without Zini’s interruption 🙂

Then Zini woke up & we got ready at 9 am. So we had our breakfast & started towards the sight seeing points. Now, the place is pretty small & if you are into sight seeing & shopping then you may get disappointed…We enjoyed because we were together, kids enjoyed, it was our first vacation with kids & because we wanted to enjoy……

1st we went to Tip-n-top, a view point from where you can see the valley & far away mountains. We also saw D’s childhood home (it was next to tip-n-top).

2nd we went to a lake. there was this playground & some rabbits in a cage… So K & Zini jumped from Swings to Swings (well not like Tarzan, they made us take them to the different rides of interest). Then P, D & K had gala time feeding the rabbits, while we had gala time watching them 🙂 . After this, boating…now the lake is very small, nothing to write home about, but we were excited & a bit apprehensive (because of the kids)!!! But we gave it a try & oh boy!! Kids loved the ride!! Zini decided that she doesn’t want to be a baby & sit on my lap, she sat on her own, but thankfully allowed me to hold her (after a threat that we will get down from the boat if she doesn’t let me hold her ;))

3rd we went to a temple called Siddhi bali. This is in the outskirts of Kotdwar. D’s parents had suggested that we should once go there. When the Pujari did a Tilak to Zini, she started crying so loudly that the guy & other devotees were startled. But she calmed down immediately when we came out!!! This made us beat a hasty retreat to the car & we started our journey to Noida via Meerut…

So, Zini & K had their 1st official vacation (though most of the time was spent in travelling), all of us had a great time…

Sunrise at Lansdowne!!!!

View from the room

View from the room

That i think is D’s childhood home…



Comments on: "Lansdowne….." (5)

  1. So Zini had her first official vacation 🙂 Sounds like a nice trip.
    “We enjoyed because we were together, kids enjoyed, it was our first vacation with kids & because we wanted to enjoy……” So true 🙂

  2. Yes, it was a nice trip!!! And you are going to enjoy if the kids enjoy!!!

  3. wow this seems to be a lovely vacation 🙂

    • It was a fun vacation, especially because it was our 1st vacation with kids and they behaved big time, and after such a long time we were meeting old friends. So we enjoyed a lot…

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