Zini, me & life in general

Some pics from my kitchen – the ground for all the misadventures….(The picture quality is not great as i took them using my phone, please chala lo…)

Finally, successfully i made the Chundo(Here is my last misadventure with it)….Though the taste was not authentic, because i didn’t use the traditionally used mango types (Rajapuri or Vanraaj), but it was good & Zini liked it. So this time the adventure bore fruits (or the fruit bore Chundo ;))….

After my first misadventure with Chundo, this time i got it right (Check out the smiley :))

Zini usually picks up veggies from the basket & play ball with them 🙄 but she gave this one to me….It was actually a heart shaped potato!!!!

I made chips from it & Zini ate them!!!Yes, we are “heartless” 😉

If you didn’t believe the first photo then here is another one to prove it….


Comments on: "Pics from my kitchen…….." (14)

  1. Cute smiley chundo 😛

    Have you tried chundo with puris?? Heavenly………..

  2. Hello! So landed here via your comment and had a GOOD time reading up all the older posts 🙂 Btw, from uour Landsdown post, do you know that I too am from Meerut, and currently in Hyd ?:D
    Zini seems like an adorable kid! 🙂

  3. Hey Welcome!! Glad you liked reading the posts 🙂

    Ohh..our friend D is from Meerut & is currently in Hyderabad, we went to his parents’ place in Meerut…We too stayed at hyderabad for more than 3 years, liked the place a lot 🙂

  4. Nice smiley on the Chundo 🙂
    See Zini is so smart. She knows which potato is special to be brought to mom’s notice 🙂

  5. Sounds all fab 🙂 I havent eaten chundo at all. Yummy it sounds ya !
    heart potato 🙂
    I once had a mickey potato that I refused to let ma cook 🙂

  6. Absolutely loved the heart shaped potato.. and what is this chundo btw?

  7. Lovely chundo! 🙂

    What a coincidence! I found a heart-shaped potato just before Valentine’s Day 2012! 🙂 I posted about it on my blog too. 🙂

  8. cool that…and I also loved your nail paint 😀

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