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Finally Zini started saying “Kaam”(work) when asked what does papa do in the office (here is what used to happen few days before)..

And here is the latest conversation…

Me: Zini, Papa kaha gaye? (Where did papa go?)

Zini: Aapis (Office)

Me: Zini, papa office mein kya karte hai? (What does papa do in the office?)

Zini: Kaam (Finally she said Work!!!)

Me: Zini, Papa office mein kya kaam karte hai? (What work does papa do in the office)

Zini: Eggie!!!

No my hubby is not a chef, and yes he still does a lot of work at his office which is not related to cooking.

But due to some mysterious reasons Zini has decided that cooking eggs is the work that her papa is doing!!!


I have been trying to potty train Zini, have bought a potty seat & telling her that this is the place where she should do potty.

After giving her this potty gyaan, i asked her: Zini, Potty kaha karte hai? (Where do you do Potty?)

Zini: Aapis (Office)

(Office seems to be her favorite place for everything ;))


We went on a vacation to Lansdowne. So, zini’s papa told her that we have come to mountains…

I thought of checking if she could speak the word “mountain”

Me: Zini, hum kaha aaye hai?

Zini: Aapis (Office)

Papa: !!??!? Agar yeh office hai to i would like to work here!!!!!


Comments on: "Office Office – Part II" (15)

  1. Eggie!! maybe she heard Engineering/ engineer from someone ZM…and not able to say it, she must have shortened to Eggie… 😀 😀

    Some years ago, we had Office Office with Pankaj Kapur, now we have the same episodes with Zini..hehehe

    • Nahi Re!! She means Egg only, because she asks me to make eggie for her….
      Yeah Yeah Naya Office Office with Zini 😉

  2. he he.. so everything is done in Apis these days… 🙂

  3. Haha.. Maybe she thinks that Aapis is a nice place since papa goes there everyday 🙂
    I love the way she says Aapis 🙂

  4. I don’t know how I missed this one !
    Loved this 🙂 Ziniiiiiiiiiiii – sucha cuuuutie pie 🙂

    aapis – awwwwwwwwwwwwwww :))

    poochies to her ! 🙂

  5. sweet episode of aapis aapis!!!

  6. Aapis aapis should have been the title;) and I think she means engineers make eggs so eggie…you make eggs at home and papa at aapis….its all about eggs;)

  7. lol @ eggie 😀 and potty in apis ? hai ram….hahahahaha…so cute!!!!

  8. […] was a time when Zini was fixated on office. Everybody who is out of sight was at office. and everything was done at […]

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