Zini, me & life in general

This Saturday saw us having both the things mentioned in the title 🙂 When you (read I) have food, fun is bound to follow 🙂

So, a lazy Saturday started with Muli parathas & then MIL made tasty fried gobhi & Kaali daal for lunch, after a post lunch siesta we started for Connaught Place.

Here, MIL started looking at the dazzling purses & similar stuff from street vendors only to realize that they were from Ahmedabad, which made her decide that rather than buying Ahmedabad stuff in Delhi, she would do that once she goes back to home….. A little stroll in Connaught place and we started for a restaurant called Parikrama.

This is a rotating restaurant on 24th floor of Antrix Bhavan. Here, you get the 365º of the surrounding area.  Space was cramped, food was ok & expensive but Zini enjoyed the place very much, so it was worth every dime. And we had a very entertaining guy sitting on the next table, who made it even more enjoyable…

After drowning a bottle of beer, he started banging the table & then saying he was doing it  “jaan boojh ke” to prove the point, much to the embarrassment of his wife, who kept giving us sheepish smiles. But i actually enjoyed the show 😉 The highlight of the night was when the guy announced that the the place is known for  its ambiance, i couldn’t agree more.. i mean, with an entertainer like him just next to us, the ambiance was just perfect 😀

We all discussed about good old Patang (a similarly rotating restaurant in Ahmedabad on the banks of the river Saabarmati) & how it is better in terms of food, space, ambiance & rotation. Well, what do i say, we are partial to all things Ahmedabad ;)….

All in all, it was a very enjoyable night & we all had a lot of fun 🙂


Comments on: "Fun, food, Saturday….." (4)

  1. good time out. 🙂

  2. haww @ the silly man 😛 I can imagine how his wife must have felt !

    Wow rotating restaurant would have been really exciting for Zini 🙂

    I love CP and for street shopping I love Lajpat Nagar and Sarojani Nagar..and oh yes RK Puram too 🙂

    • But seriously, i enjoyed!!!

      Yes, Zini loved the view from the top, she had fun!!!

      Oh, you did shopping from all these places!! i just keep hearing names of these places, haven’t got a chance to go to any of them (Except CP )

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