Zini, me & life in general

The witty Visha did this post and made me realize that after having Zini, i am doing old things in a new & many a times wierd way or how the same old things have new meanings for me. Here goes the list:

1) Work out:

So Before Zini (doesn’t it sound like Before Christ?!??! So let’s call it BZ ;)), i used to work-out in different ways…Sometimes i used to go and play badminton or table tennis with hubby and friends and other times i used to go to gym for my workouts.

When i got pregnant, i used go for walks in our society…

But After Zini (let’s call this time AZ), i don’t do this run-off-the-mill kind of workout, Naah Sir!!!

Initially, i used go for my walk with Zini in the pram, but that didn’t last long…Zini decided that she is not a baby and won’t tolerate sitting in the pram while the world passes by…So the pram was ditched.

Now, i got my work-out by playing bhagi-bhagi (Running around)  & dancing to the tunes of nursery rhymes with Zini…And also, by giving Zini the rides of seesaw, swings, slides and other play-ground paraphernalia…

And the latest is, when Zini madam sits in her cycle & i push her cycle while jogging…oh, but this is strictly done at home, Zini doesn’t want to be seen in public being pushed around ;). So imagine, i am pushing her cycle and we moving around in circles in our drawing room, after some time i start feeling really really dizzy, with all those chakkars…

But the thing is that the old machine still gets some work-out 🙂

2) Reading books:

BZ, i used go to cross-word, land-mark or my local 2nd hand book store and buy bag-load of books, come home, relax in a bed and read the book, sometimes accompanied by some nice snacks 🙂

AZ, i read books when Zini is asleep. But, i also cook when Zini is asleep (during the day). Which essentially means that I have to read books while cooking, so as i mentioned in Visha’s post, i use my microwave oven as a stand, put my book on that and read while cooking 🙂

Even my choice of books have changed somewhat, now i also like to read books about babies, how to raise them, how not to raise them so on and so forth 😉 So now, you can find me reading the “What to expect” series, Dr Spock and books like “Bringing up Vasu”….

BZ, i used to read Newspaper 1st thing in the morning…

AZ… Newspaper?!? What is it?? Where is it?!? Ohhh, that thing on which Zini writes and then tears into the million pieces and throws in the kitchen sink??? Uff, big nuisance it is…

But I am thankful, that i still get to read the books and my choice of books has broadened…

3) Achievements:

BZ, achievements meant learning a new tool, getting a good score in the exams, learning to ride a vehicle, getting that salary hike or promotion, getting an award, buying a car etc…

AZ, definition of achievement has changed drastically. In the initial days of AZ, i was so proud of the fact that i could hold Zini professionally (like all moms do, you know). And sleeping with her in the same bed and not crushing her under my weight was a big achievement for me, I even managed to wake up at a slightest whimper from her (In the past i have been likened to a certain KumbhKarna, so now you can imagine how proud i felt)!!!

Other important achievements were to be able to bath her, feed her and manage to distract her when the tantrum toofan striked 😉

Actually, When i resigned from the job, i told my (ex)boss that  he was spared from the ordeal of doing my appraisal because for my achievements of the year all i could think of the AZ ones only!!!! During the session i would have bored him by talking about them while he would have teared his hair thinking “but what about the work” 😉

So , I still learn new things, count them as my achievements (though i can’t put them in my CV) & feel proud about them 🙂

4) Work and boss:

BZ, work meant going to office in the morning, doing site-visits, slogging on computer and so on..I used to get weekends off, sick leaves, public holidays and used get paid in money…And yes, all my bosses were really good, mature, considerate people…

AZ, work means being on call 24/7, no leaves (not even a sick-leave), no weekend off, no payment in money and ohhhh, the boss is the toughest of them all. Now, i have Zini for my boss, you see 😉

Though, i am not rewarded in cash (and i complain a lot about that), i am rewarded now with lots of hugs and kisses and i am loving it 🙂

Though i may not like some of the work ordered assigned to me by my new boss, but did i mention, i just love this pint sized boss of mine 🙂


Comments on: "Old wine in new bottle (or something of that sort)……" (24)

  1. I loved the way you coined the terms AZ and BZ 😀

    Am sure the boss is creating new jobs for you to keep u on your toes all the time. So while you are working hard at it, keep us updated about the ‘performances’ 😉

    Loved this post ZM

    Thanks for the mention 🙂

    • Hey Thanks, Visha!!! While writing, i realized that it actually sounds like Before christ 🙂
      Oh, Boss keeps me on toes….Will keep you updated about the performance and all that 😉
      You are most welcome, Visha…

  2. greenboochi said:

    Nice comparison of life BZ and AZ 🙂 🙂 Having a child does change a few things. Loved everything that you had put up above!!

  3. Awesomely cute post!

    And yes life takes a 360 degree spin and despite all the things that we are unable to do in life we are happier & more satisfied with life 🙂

  4. chattywren said:

    Ha ha, nice post! And I have two such bosses, who expect me to do very different stuff at the same time!!!!! Loved your style!

  5. dont ask me about my experiences with bosses/managers 🙂

    made me smile the post .. good one

    I am sure ZINI is the best bossssssssssssssssssssss

  6. Our kids are the toughest bosses I think T2M..LOL on AZ & BZ 🙂
    The concept of reading the newspaper in the mornings has disappeared here as well!

    • Yeah, kids are the bossiest bosses around, Nithvin 🙂
      I don’t know what problem these kids have with newspapers?!?? Every toddler i know, gives the same treatment to the newspaper as Zini!!!!!

      • No T2M, S doesn’t tear up the newspapers..I meant I don’t find time anymore to read them in the mornings..but if Zini is tearing them, let her..it will strenghthen up her growing muscles and act as an exercise also 🙂

      • Ok, so at least that way you are lucky, if in case someday you find time, you have newspaper to read 🙂
        Oh Zini is tearing them and she pretty much unstoppable…..

  7. ha ha 😀 lovely post.

    So Zini has made a multi-tasker out of you.. well done Zini

  8. I cant comment much due to my single status but it is awesomely adorable 🙂

  9. Lovely post T2M 🙂
    You are lucky you can read books AZ even if you have to keep it on top of the oven 🙂
    Zini makes a cute boss 🙂 hai na? 🙂

    • Thanks Lifesong 🙂
      Yeah, i really feel lucky when i finish reading a book…
      Cute, Yeah, when she is not busy bossing me around 🙂

  10. lol @ before christ 😀

    whoa you seem to be a total work-out-a-holic 🙂 Badminton? I love playing the game and I’ve played quiet a lot at school levels…by taking part in inter school competitions 😀

    oh my..she doesn’t like you pushing her cycle in public? ahem aheam 😉 the girl is growing up eh? 😀 these kids I tell ya!

    reading books have changed drastically for me too AC 😛 [after chirpy that is] but newspaper I never read, so no calms about it..in fact now that I’ve starting work I’ve started reading newspaper regularly ..talk about being updated and showing off intelligence at work 😉

    aww @ pint size boss 🙂

    • 🙂
      Arey, i didn’t do everything simultaneously…I didn’t enjoy gymming much, but i love to play any type of games…Wow, you played Badminton for your school!!! i used to play Volley ball for my school 🙂

      Yes, the girl acts all grown up now 🙄

      LOL at AC 🙂 Yeah, reading newspaper does help in showing off at office 😉


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