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Lifesong has returned from a vacation and told us about her experience there, which included River – Rafting. Ani too recently tried River- rafting…All these river rafting stories reminded me of our 1st experience with white water rafting at Rishikesh in year 2008, before Zini arrived in our lives…..

One of my friend is from Shimla and talked fondly about rafting back home…Which made me want to try it. We searched and reallised that Rafting on Ganga is the best in India. So Hubby & I decided to go to Rishikesh and do rafting there.

We stayed at Haridwar, so that we can see the famous Ganga Aarti there in the evening…We decided to spend the evening by exploring the Haridwar markets and eating out. we had delicious Samosa & Kachori (how can any of my vacation be complete without some yummy food :)) and later on we went for the Ganga Aarti. On reaching the Ghaat, we stationed ourselves in a nice position. And it was such a magnificent site. There were so many diyas floating in the river and the priests started performing the Aarti. Although we were part of a mad crowd, I felt so heavenly.

Next day, the adventure began. We started from our hotel and reached Rishikesh. From here we took a bus for Shivpuri, this is the actual site of rafting. However, the first batch had already started and we were asked to wait. Now the problem was that we had to catch a train back to Delhi on the same evening & we should have been in the first batch, which unfortunately we had missed. But finally after waiting for an hour or so (which felt like so many hours), we were picked by the jeep that took us upstream, to the point from where the rafting starts.

Once on the raft, it is a curious feeling, on one side was mountain covered with greenery and on the other side a high road. I had always seen pictures & videos of people doing rafting in narrow stream(which actually is more adventurous) but this river was huge and we had second thoughts about rafting. However, we overcame our fear and jumped into the raft. Initially the journey was calm and the instructor taught us basic rules of rowing & gave us safety instructions. So we started rowing as the instructor told us to. Then we saw the first rapid and our instructor took us into it, what fun it was!!

In rapid the instructor made us turn our raft in the opposite direction to the flow, and we saw how the playful rapid was throwing our raft up & down and whenever we went up, the water came in the raft and we got wet and crazy. Whenever the raft used to tilt 70 degrees, we shouted, laughed and got super excited. The first rapid was over. Now that we had the taste of rapids, we wanted more of them & waited eagerly. We had many rapids on the way, but most memorable ones were the 3 blind mice, they are actually series of 3 rapids, so it is thrice the fun. Others on our raft were staying in a camp so they alighted on the way, and we along with the instructor were in the raft. After that there was one more rapid, which was the most fun as hubby & I handled it alone (of course with the help of the instructor) and the journey ended at Shivpuri.

Now, the train to Delhi was back on our minds. So, after changing we caught the first bus to Rishikesh. Once we reached Rishikesh, outside the Bus depot, we asked many taxi drivers & Rickshaw drivers for direct trip to Haridwar Railway station. After some negotiation, a Rickshaw driver agreed to be part of this unexpected adventure of ours. We picked up our luggage from the Hotel, which was thankfully situated on the way to the station. Also good thing was that, we had already checked out, so we managed to pick up the luggage quickly. We reached Haridwar station five minutes before the train’s departure time. A near miss!!!! But once safely in the train, we realized that though unexpected this too was part of adventure :)!!!!!!!

P.S. A rapid is characterised by the river becoming shallower and having some rocks exposed above the flow surface. As flowing water splashes over and around the rocks, air bubbles become mixed in with it and portions of the surface acquire a white colour, forming what is called “whitewater”. (Courtesy Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapid)

We didn’t have a pic because both of us were on the raft and you can’t carry camera to the raft, so posting a pic from web. Our experience was similar but even more exciting with water coming in the raft….


Comments on: "River Rafting at Rishikesh" (30)

  1. Awesome! I’m so envious! Must be a great experience! Would love to try it once, hmm, actually not sure!!! Is it safe, how do you ensure you do not fall out??

    • It was indeed a great experience…Well, it is more or less safe if you take proper precaution and go with a good instructor…
      When the river is calm, there is no fear of falling…during rapids, we held a rope tied on the raft to ensure that we don’t fall..
      Do your research and after that if you feel that if you are confident and feel like trying, go ahead and give it a try….

  2. Wah! loved reading your experience 🙂
    Ganga arti at Haridwar is one of the most divine experiences of my life too 🙂
    I have been to Haridwar and Rishikesh several times as a child and wish to go back there someday with Hubby and Cheebu now. I love the place 🙂
    And now after reading about your rafting experience would love to try it out there 🙂 Hopefully … some day … 🙂

    • Hey Thanks, Lifesong…I am waiting to know your experience…
      You have been to both the places many times, great!!!
      Give rafting on Ganga a try, it’s amazing…
      I’ve heard from people who have tried rafting in other countries say that it was the best on Ganga 🙂

  3. Sounds like super fun ZM.. 🙂 I am so scared of water… so, I am not sure if I will ever try this sport!

    I could visualize every sentence from this post and it must have been quite an adventure 🙂

    • It was indeed super fun GB 🙂
      I can understand your fear, i too have many fears, though fear from water is not one of them :)…
      Though would like to add that rafting is safe if done properly…

  4. Truely adventurous! must try it sometime..now , you are inspiring me to do so many things..first baking, now rafting! Let me see when I get to do these things 🙂

    • Hey Nithvin, Thanks for the sweet words 🙂
      I can understand, you work at home, work at office and care for S too, all these takes toll on time…
      All the best for trying new things, hope you find some time for them 🙂

  5. 😦 sadly I have not been able to do this and I so so want to do it .. This is veyr high on the wish list..

  6. Wow! what a experience… I am jealous of you guys…. I want to go now.. and now I am stomping my fee too…

  7. This sport has been in my mind for a long time…I loved reading your account ZM. It does look scary I tell you, but I wish I am able to overcome my fear someday.

    Raft turns 70 degrees?? It would have been exhilarating no 🙂

    • Hey hope you overcome your fear and enjoy rafting 🙂
      Raft can turn more than 70 degrees 🙂 and then you get so many emotions at the same time…you are excited, a little scared, happy, shouting all at the same time!!!!!!!!

  8. I am reading so much of rafting posts that I am longing to write one myself after experiencing it 😛 It sound so so breathtakingly beautiful. I really want to try this one Zini’s mom 🙂 I hope I get round to doing it soon someday ! 🙂

  9. I have studied in Roorkee but missed the Rafting trip because of some unavoidable circumstances and I still regret that 😦

    But yes the Haridwar Arti is one experience which is uncomparable!!! It is just so beautiful!!! And lol @ ur double adventure 🙂

    • Hmmm, i can understand your disappointment, hope you get to do it in future :)…
      At Haridwar Aarti, the feeling is devine….
      The 2nd adventure was completely unplanned, but made this whole thing more memorable 🙂

  10. Recently I was to go for rafting to ALaknanda river but couldnt.. my friend fell off in a rapid and whilst escaped with just a few scars… he was way too thrilled to tell me about it and make me more and more jealous !

    i cant wait for my chance !

    • Hey Hitchy, hope you get your chance of rafting & enjoy to the hilt 🙂
      Your friend fell in Rapid?!?!? I remember our instructor telling us, that falling off in rapid is nothing life threatening, you just get your body shaved 🙂 But surely it must have been exciting….

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  13. I’m so scared of any water acitivity that I’ve never thought of doing these…even parasailing 😦 though looking at friend’s pictures which scream fun I feel like gathering courage but then it comes down to the same thing: my fear of water 😦

    • I can understand, everybody has different fears in life, i too have my fears…
      You can give it a try once and if you still feel afraid, don’t go for it again. after all everybody is different and enjoys different things in life 🙂
      All the best, if you decide to take the plunge 🙂

  14. What an experience… After reading this post, I wish to try river rafting myself 🙂

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