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The YaYaYa Post…….

YaYaYa, Oh YaYaYa, YaYaYa………..

No, no I have not lost it, i have actually gained it…

I have gained the skill of swimming 😀 and i am so excited, i am going YaYaYa 🙂

To give you the history, i didn’t know swimming till now. Though i was enrolled to join swimming classes, my brother who joined first, caught Jaundice and that stopped my mom from letting us venture anywhere near the pool..But i always wanted to learn swimming. And after my rafting experiences and a vacation in Goa, i decided that learning swimming should go in my bucket list…

So when my front door neighbour P told me that let’s join swimming (We have a pool in our apartments), i had to tell her that i don’t know how to swim. She volunteered to teach me and i grabbed the opportunity 🙂

So while hubby entertained  Zini, P, Her daughter T(yes that is Zini’s T Didi) and I went swimming…

Here is the Day-by-Day Account….

Day 1:

We paid money and were allowed to enter the pool 🙂 though there is a guy who is supposed to be the instructor, he just sits there and doesn’t say anything. Hubby says, he is there to save you if you drown, not to teach you to swim 🙄

So, i was totally taught by P and her daughter T ( she is all of 7 years and swims like a mermaid)…

P told me to hod the rod and float. I couldn’t…My legs kept touching the floor of the pool…

Looking at the situation, T came and told me “Aunty, let your body go, don’t worry you won’t drown, it’s shallow here”!!!!

I agreed that i can’t possibly drown in the shallow water and decided to let my body go, and yes there was some floating 🙂

Then P told me to keep my face inside water, i followed and there was complete floating……

Lesson learnt on day 1 was, to float while holding the rod and kick the water.

Day 2:

This day i revised 1st day’s lesson and learnt a new trick.

P asked me to move forward by kicking water. When i tried it, i realized that rather than going in front i was going backwards 🙄

But after many tries i could do it, and managed to move forward 🙂

Day 3:

P said, she won’t be able to come, but will send T the mermaid, along with me…

So, T came and i asked if she could teach me. She said of course and immediately got down to business…

1st she asked me to move away from rod and float. Now this was something that i couldn’t do out of sheer fear. I panicked whenever my face went inside water and i couldn’t see anything. Doing this while holding the rod was alright, but without the security of rod, i couldn’t gather enough courage to do it..

I told T to carry on with her swimming as i was feeling guilty for wasting her swimming time. But T didn’t give up. She said “Aunti, if you think you can do it then you will be able to do it, think positive and don’t panic”!!!! These words of wisdom, coming from a 2nd grader!!!!!!!

She realised that i was panicking because i couldn’t see underwater. So she gave me her goggles and asked me to try again. And Viola….This time i didn’t panic, i could see the floor of the swimming pool and i managed to float while moving my hands!!!!!

Though initially i couldn’t move anywhere, after some time i managed to move North-west while targeting north!!!! But i managed to SWIM.

And finally, with T’s encouraging words and her goggles i could manage the right direction as well 😀 T also taught me back floating and swimming and various front strokes 🙂

I was so excited at accomplishing this feat that i had the state of mind of Zini when she started walking (i didn’t want to stop), But like all good things, my first swim had to end as the instructor (?!?) informed us that time was over….

My little teacher has promised to teach me more tricks in the water and i am looking forward to it….

So i declare that this day (26th June, 2010) should go in the history as the fateful day of my acquiring the swimming skills 🙂

Here, we will ignore the facts that i swam in shallow waters only, managed to hurt my toe by kicking the floor of the pool in place of water and could manage the right direction only with T’s goggles….


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  1. Congratulations! I can swim in the deep end only with either floats or a noodle. But I don’t really let myself go in the water. I should try the swim goggles though!

    • Hey Thanks!!!
      Yeah, give those goggles a try. After wearing them the underwater experience was not that frightening 🙂
      All the best and do let us know about your experience with them…..

  2. Well done 🙂 I also learned swimming this summer only and I am on cloud nine so I can completely relate to the elation. Go girl.

  3. congratulations ZM!!!!

    I dont know swimming at all…when I had to go under water for 5 seconds in a water park recently, I swallowed so much of water that swimming terrifies me 😦

    But if I have an instructor like yours, I will definitely give it a try 😉

    • Hey Thanks, Visha 🙂
      I know of your “In and out” story 😉
      Yeah, Both P & T are great teachers 🙂
      But try the goggles next time, they reduce the fear of going under water…..

  4. I can swim to a maximum distance of 10 to 15 meters. That’s because I don’t know how to breathe while swimming. Need to learn this trick sooner. Learning to swim is like learning to cycle, a skill that stays with us for life. One of the issues for me underwater, is opening my eyes. The water strains my eyes. Maybe I should try it with goggles, next time. Congrats to you for learning how to swim. Maybe you can try an inter-continental swimming attempt? 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • Oh wow, 10 to 15 meters without breathing!!!!
      This breathing technique is something i too need to learn, i was not very successful with that, though i am sure T will rest only after teaching me that 🙂
      Try the goggles (looks like i am advertising them, but i found them very useful)
      Will the water be shallow in the sea, if yes then i can give it a try 😉

  5. Congrats T2M! 🙂
    Little T was a great teacher for you 🙂 Now you can look forward to swimming with Zini soon 🙂
    I can’t swim to save my life 😦 I always feel I am too old to learn swimming now..

    • Hey thanks!!!
      Yeah probably next year Zini too can join us 🙂
      Hey, my friend P who taught me told me that she actually learnt it at the age of 35!!!
      And as T said “if you think you can do it then you will be able to do it, think positive and don’t panic” 🙂

  6. Congratulations!! 🙂
    I learned swimming when I was a kid. Haven’t done it in a long time. But I plan to go this summer and teach my son as well. 🙂
    It’s a brilliant activity which you can enjoy and at the same time lose weight!

  7. Congratulations 🙂
    It sure calls for a celebration 😀

  8. Wow ! Wow! congies and bigtime hugs 🙂
    I want to learn too. Loved reading your account. I wish to learn soon. right now, whenever we go out and the hotel has a pool, K will just lift me up and I waddle in water like a butterfly struggling ot get out of it 😛
    Must learn this soon and i agree with DI – it is a skill that stays!
    You are so cool! 🙂

  9. good gooood gooood 🙂 excellent

  10. Awesome. You are a very fast learner. I really, really want to learn swimming too. Somehow it just doesnt seem to happen. Sigh.

    I am still amazed by your ability to grasp a skill so quickly.

    • Hey Thanks…..
      All the best to you, hope you get the chance to learn it soon 🙂
      I could learn it faster because of little T, she kept insisting on trying it without holding the rod, and that did the trick.
      I felt that it’s all about fear. Once i could over come my fear then swimming was not a daunting task 🙂
      But i still am a novice swimmer, swimming in shallow waters…

  11. Cool T2M!! Impressed with you- for your learning skills and with T -for her coaching skills..

  12. Wow.. ZM thats great 🙂 🙂 You learnt swimming in 3 days!!!!!! :shocked: I must take you as my inspiration to try learning it…

    And I loved your little T teacher.. I was laughing at her words of encouragement to you… she must be really sweet 🙂 🙂

    As I have told you earlier, i am afraid of water… But after reading this post of yours.. I have a strong urge to learn swimming 🙂 If I ever do that in my life, you are my inspiration 🙂

    • Hey, i could do it all thanks to little T 🙂
      I was feeling so guilty for wasting her swimming time, and she was so adamant on my leaving the rod that i had to learn swimming fast 🙂
      She is very sweet 🙂
      Hey, all the best. you can try to overcome your fear of water by going in shallow waters & then gradually trying to swim. And let me tell you, swimming is worth it, you will enjoy it very much 🙂

    • Hey, i could do it all thanks to little T 🙂
      I was feeling so guilty for wasting her swimming time, and she was so adamant on my leaving the rod that i had to learn swimming fast 🙂
      She is very sweet 🙂
      Hey, all the best. you can try to overcome your fear of water by going in shallow waters & then gradually trying to swim. And swimming is worth it, you will enjoy it very much 🙂

  13. Congrats for learning this skill so fast!
    I have not even mustered courage to attempt it!

  14. YAY to your achievement !!!! I’m yet to excel at that..though I’ve learnt swimming but I can’t possibly say that I “know” swimming, you know what I mean? But I really want to expertly know it now since I’ll put Chirpy to swimming class shortly..so !!!!

    I loved reading your experience 🙂 I’m insipred 😀

    • Hey, even i don’t feel like a pro…but still i think if i fall in a water body, i’ll manage to shout before drowning 😉
      Wow, you are planning swimming classes for Chripy!!! Here, they didn’t let Zini in the pool saying she is too young, while all she wanted to do was to jump in!!!

  15. […] I am talking to my neighbour A didi, she is asking me about swimming and how i learnt it. So i tell her that little T & her mom P (another neighbour) taught me swimming. […]

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