Zini, me & life in general

Busy times…

Hope all of you had a rocking Diwali and are having a fun-filled Christmas…

As you know i had vanished, i’ll fill you in with where…

So before diwali we went to Punjab, i.e. Amritsar and Ludhiana (Guninana in Zini speak 🙂 )

The holidays were pretty much similar to our last punjab visit. Zini was pampered, she saw horses on the busy GT road while sitting outside. we visited Golden temple and Zini again behaved big time. We had some mouthwatering Amritsar special delicacies. At Ludhiana we enjoyed our stay at the farm house and Zini enjoyed the borewell, dogs and of course the pampering!!!

But there were some differences this time…this time hubby came with us, but most of the time he was busy on phone with his boss (this made Zini imitate him by picking up remote and telling everyone that she was on phone with her boss!!! this act of hers had everyone in splits….)

Also, i was requested to make my now famous garlic pull apart rolls at Ludhiana….

This time I also saw the farms at ludhiana and managed to lay my hands on farm fresh and pasticides free arbi leaves, Sarson, paalak, spring garlic and kadi patta, thanks to R Auntie!!! (after coming back i made Sarson ka Saag, Paalak Paneer, Paalak Paneer Puris and Patra from the loot)

Oh and we travelled to Punjab by Car!!! With Zini this was the longest road trip that we had…

On Karvachouth, my Foi and cousin came home. As there is no Karva Chouth fasting tradition in in Gujarat, my foi didn’t know about the fast, and when she came to know about it, she got worried that i hadn’t eaten and drank water the whole day!!!! We sat and talked till late in the night despite that everybody was tired. Even Zini didn’t want to sleep. Finally, everybody had to join her in the bedroom and had to act that they were sleeping then only she obliged by dozing off in my lap!!!!

My Foi also got some story books and my old sweater for Zini (which i used to wear when i was a toddler, then it passed on to my brother and then to my cousin and now to my daughter, in a way it is a khandani sweater!!!!). Zini has been mad about this sweater and wants to wear “mummy ka sweater” all the time. So now i have hidden it 😦

Diwali is the time when my in-laws visit us as my MIL gets vacation at that time. So again, Zini was up for loads of pampering and i for some food from Ahmedabad. I got Mathiya, Cholafali, Tuver Daana, Surti papdi and Ratalu. So one day i made the feast of Undhiyu, puri, kadhi and Kachori!!!!

Every morning and evening Zini would order (yes, order!!) her dada-dadi to take her to the park, and they would happily oblige…Zini and her grandparents had been busy playing with each other…..

Also during this time, hubby’s auntie fell ill and was hospitalized, which meant my in-laws made frequent visits to see her. Finally she lost her battle with illness..

And soon after it was time for my MIL to report back, so they left…

Also around this time, my old maid, left for her village to get her son married and to retire. She was with us since we shifted to Noida and she was my woman friday. She would even accompany me to Zini’s doctor (though it was not part of her job) and would help in calming her after the visit. Zini too was fond of her and still sometimes asks for her…Though i sorely miss her, we are happy that she is happy and settled in her own home among her people. So i saw her getting really emotional and kissing Zini and saying good bye and a dumbstruck Zini thinking what happened to auntie..

I have some happy news on the garden front, where my spinach plants are doing well and i have started harvesting leaves 🙂 I also harvested some spring garlic that i sow in a self watering pot and used it in Undhiyu and the next batch of spring garlic is ready so i will be making undhiyu again. Pudina too is doing ok in spite the chilled weather. The Mustard, chili and potato plants are also going strong, should be able to harvest in some time. The tomato plant flowered and i can see tiny tomatoes on the plant, keeping my fingers crossed….

Also i started doing Yoga along with my neighbour M, during Zini’s school times. Which meant i hardly got any time to cook leave alone read or write. Finally today i scrapped through some time to give update.

Also after reading about the rape in Delhi, i have increasingly started feeling that this is not the right place to raise Zini, i feel like shifting back to Hyderabad or Ahmedabad. I feel that if we stay here long enough i may hear myself telling Zini that she can’t go out alone at night as it is not safe for a girl to do so. And i would hate to do so. The fact that the one who committed this brutal rape is a school bus driver has spooked me to no ends….I am awed by the courage and spirit of the girl. I pray that her health improves…How govt is intent on curbing the protests rather than doing something meaningful and fast is disgusting. Peaceful protesters were lathi charged, Busy metro stations are shut down to demoralize the protesters.


Comments on: "Busy times…" (18)

  1. Hey ZM, it’s so great to have you back! I was wondering if everything was ok with you, did not know what stopped me from writing to you and finding out:) Just my self-imposed cautiousness with online friendships! Nice to read your updates, welcome back!

  2. welcome back tm… gardening, yoga – sounds interesting.. you are definitely spending time in a better way 🙂 by the way what does Foi mean?
    hugs to Zini… take care

  3. You went to punjab oyeeeeeeeeeee really .. excellente wowow so how is my punjab doing .. Oh man i have not seen it for ages now ..
    hmmmmmmmmmmmm so give us some more gossip .. how about pics

    • Yeah went to relatives’ places…Food there is as good as ever 🙂 and this time weather was also good…so the visit was fun…
      I’ll dig out some pics and upload them 🙂

  4. Really good to have you back ZM! Phew, was wodnering where you were.
    Wow! You have been up for some big dose of good food, gardening, Zini pampering and family time. Really cool! And wow, you have a veggie garden of sorts – Neat! 🙂
    But what stood out here was Zini’s gunigana – How CUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE is that! 🙂

    • Thanks Toffee 🙂
      Yeah, finally i could harvest some veggies, though i am growing them in pots as we stay in a flat…
      Though Zini can speak Ludhiana, she says Guninana every time referring to it 🙄

  5. Good… you have finally updated us on your vanishing act 🙂 you had lots of things going on in this break… 🙂 I also didn’t know what Foi means 🙂

  6. You have been having an exciting life…barring the passing away of that aunty!!!

    Good to see you back 🙂

  7. I thought your PC broke down again 🙄 :mrgreen:

    I loved the bit about the kitchen garden the most 😀

    Lots of things happening huh 🙂

    Keep up the good times 😉

  8. Nice to have you back. So sorry to hear about your aunt, though

  9. So good to see you back ZM 🙂 Missed you here 🙂 You were indeed busy. Hope to see regular posts from you now 🙂

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