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Go (to) Goa…

– If you are newly married…So that you can fall in love (if not already) and learn that love doesn’t stem from how your loved one looks or what he wears (or doesn’t wear!!)…It stems from accepting the way your loved ones as he is…

– If you have been married for years now and can finally go on a vacation alone without worrying about diapers, schools, exams; To enjoy each others’ company once again!!!!

– To once again ride that scooty and this time with your li’l one riding with you!!!

– So that you can see how ocean unites everybody, the little and the old, the rich and the poor, the adventurer and the frightened…The ocean hugs everybody with the same loving waves!!!

– To understand the meaning of the smile the fellow sea bather gives you…..

– To see happy faces everywhere….

– If you like fish, coconut and banana (or any one of them)!!!

– To get a generous dose of Vitamin D!!!!

– To escape the cold wave riding in your city….

– To relax and to drive on aimlessly, just enjoying the nature & the weather!!!

– To sit and do nothing except watching the sun setting on the sea…

– To build sand castles and nakli chairs for everyone to sit on…

– To see your little one going crazily mad, laughing, shouting and enjoying the sea!!!!

– So that you can use that swimming costume….

– For some adventure, perheps!!

– For music by the beach!!!


Goa – Image from here

Do you need any more reason?!?!


Comments on: "Go (to) Goa…" (16)

  1. Looks like you have enjoyed your vacation to Goa thoroughly 😛

    I wish I could go to Goa with Zack, but long ago, he got his belongings and money robbed off from the hotel in which he was staying and so he is mighty skeptical of visiting the state


    • Kya keh rahi ho!??!? Zack was robbed in Goa?!?! you mean Goa?! That’s sad…
      I think with you to protect him and his belongings, he will be safe in Goa, what say?!
      Yes, we enjoyed a lot. And most of all Zini enjoyed like crazy!!!

  2. Lol!! No 😀

    So had fun?

  3. No i don’t…… Goa is my favorite holiday destination… It has that wonderful misty air that makes everything around you so liberated… a feeling of letting go perhaps… 🙂 Pic in the swimming costume now please 😛

  4. I want to go to Goa too now… for all this and more 🙂
    Zini must have enjoyed a lot 🙂

    • Go ahead, you have advantage of being closer to the place.Plan for a weekend and go before summer starts full blown….
      Zini went mad at the beach 🙂

  5. Goa is one of my favorite destinations too 🙂

  6. Love Goa too! Looks like you had a great time. Though once had been there on work – on an offsite and that was a bit of torture, having to sit in conference rooms.

  7. Yup, i know how fun Goa can be, I have been dying to go to Goa with my better half and for some or the other reason, our trip keep getting cancelled, and now the weather is just not right, have to wait for another 6 months, before it would be time to replan.

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