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The Horror Story…

We are in our most horrified state when our loved one is in danger. I had my share of horror story on the night before travelling to Goa.

The packing was almost done. The Puris & the Theplas were made and packed. (Yes, my OCD has not completely subsided yet, i wanted Zini to have some home made food as long as possible). I was happy that this time we managed it smoothly. And it was time to sleep.

But, hubby wanted to watch Roadies, he couldn’t wait till we came back!!! He had already downloaded the show!!! The guy is a big fan of this show 🙄 , anyways i had to fold cloths so i agreed to do it in front of computer screen.

Meanwhile Zini decided that she wants some milk. So, i postponed the folding work and went into kitchen to make milk. I was about to pour the milk and i heard hubby shouting my name and asking me to rush…I rushed in to be told by Zini that something was in her nose!!!! We asked her what, and she came with her toy slate and showed a broken part of it!!! Our horror story had started…

I tried to see in her nose but couldn’t see anything..This made hubby think that probably she just felt that something was in but actually was nothing inside. But i felt otherwise. Immediately i made a call to her doctor while simultaneously referring to the “What to expect the toddler years” (I remember reading about foreign objects in nose in this book, but could not remember what!!!!).

Thankfully her doctor answered the call and gave me a very sound advice. She said, fake taking out something from the nose, if Zini says that nothing is in then nothing was really in. But if she says that the thing is really in then you immediately rush her to an ENT specialist….

I followed her advice and realised that something was really inside Zini’s nose. So i declared that we have to go to hospital. In the cold February night, I sweated, hubby sweated more and Zini started crying loudly….

So at 11.30 in the night, hubby went to take out the car, while i got the profusely crying Zini ready.

When i picked her up to go to the doctor, i suddenly felt something dropping on me!!! I saw that part of toy on me and Zini declaring “Abhi kuch nahi hai” (Nothing is in – the nose)!!!!!

Phew!!! One more call to the doctor ended our horror story….And we immediately rushed to sleep before anything else could happen!!!


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  1. Gosh ZM!!! I can imagine how worried you must have been…. Cheebu had once stuffed some tissue in her nose… but luckily she started crying and it came out with her nosey… but she had us so much worried in those few moments.
    Another time she locked the bathroom door from inside and then started crying as she could not open it.. had me in total panic for a few moments… until she could finally open it. Phew!

    • We were scared crazy…
      And locking inside the door was my nightmare too…i can imagine your panick. Hugs LS…
      While renting the house 1st question i asked was if a child can access the door knobs!!!
      OMG, these little ones knows how to drive us crazy, with fear, with anger and also with love and happiness….

  2. Gosh! that’s so scary! these kids have a knack of testing our nerves, really!
    thank God the particle came off on its own…phew!

    • Really, thank God….Later we realized if it had not come out, then we would have to go through lengthy and possibly painful procedures!!
      They do test our nerves all the time…

  3. Ayo that’s scary. Hugs

  4. OMG! It was a big scare. Thank God it got solved at home itself.

    • after 3 days, one of her friend did the same thing and they had to rush to hospital and do all sorts of procedure.
      Then i realized how lucky we had been…Thank God…

  5. That was very scary! Thankfully, it came out on its own. Once Big G too swallowed a hair-clip whilst playing with it while lying down and thankfully it was too big but I skipped a heart-beat. I used to live in mortal fear of the kids putting in small things in their mouth, and still am watchful with lil G.

    • I know..Normally Zini doesn’t put things in mouth or nose. I don’t know what happened that day!!! Thankfully it got resolved on its own….We got so worried that we immediately packed her to bed…

  6. oof!! Thank God it came out without having to get poked and prodded!! That was some prologue to your vacation!!
    Hope you are now enjoying yourselves in Goa!!

  7. phew!!!!! Scary indeed….beech main Arnav had started doing this…putting something like murmura or sev pieces in his nose and would cry.!!!

    But glad that u guys managed to end this incident on a happy note…..

  8. panic indeed. I see that every other day, so glad to know that the issue was resolved soon in case of Zini. Hugs ZM 🙂

  9. Very scary, I am glad it came its own..otherwise it would have been even more panic situation..

  10. Thank God, that thing came out without any struggle from the doc’s side!! Such things can give you the worst scare!

  11. Gosh that was so scary….. But thank god it ended without harming much. I have been reading lot of mommy blogs lately and getting my share of closely observing new parents as well…I know it brings joy & happiness like nothing else, but I have to admit as my time of being a mom is coming closer ( the TBH & I have planned to try from next year) , I am getting scared too….

    • That was scary. But you are right, a little baby brings lots of joy and happiness to the life…All the best for your plans 🙂
      Welcome here.

  12. Scary scary! I am so glad it all was solved at home…. t2M, really happy for you 🙂 UUfffffffff !
    I had once inhaled a part of the plastic cover inside my nose (don’t ask me what I was trying to do) and then I wrote a diagram and showed how big the piece was hours afterwards. Well, nothing much could be done and I kind of got over it. I was in LKG.

    Zini is such a baby still. Phew!Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It was very scary, indeed…
      You must have given your parents a scare too!!!! But i think it’s pretty common for kids to either inhale or swallow something that they shouldn’t…
      Thank God, really….

  13. […] then on the night before travelling, we had the horror story played in our […]

  14. Oh my god! That was scary indeed! Thank god it sorted itself out! I can imagine the state you must have been in!

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