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I am back :)

As promised in my last post, I went on a break, though a little longer than expected 😉

I went to Ahmedabad. Yeah I can see a lot of you getting jealous… But wait, this time I went for some work and not on vacation, so get a little less jealous 😉

I am going to read the posts on my reader but before that some Amdavad updates to banta hai 🙂

Finally I got the right sized cupcake moulds that I have been searching for since I started my baking business!! Yaay!! I also got some other baking related stuff!! I found a series of small shops selling all kinds of fancy bake ware in Manek Chowk!! I generally don’t do the city markets but this time I checked out Tran Darwaja!! Had fun checking out all the colourful stuff.

I tried out food from Agashiye, also checked out their rooms!! I would say the place is amazing!! Once I got in it was difficult to believe that it was really located in front of the bustling Vijli ghar!! The place has a calm and laid back vibe to it, which I loved, loved and loved!! And if you are visiting Ahmedabad and have enough money then go and stay there… They have amazing rooms, all vintage, heritage kinda stuff!! And they have a swing in the room!! You know my love for swings!! Yes, I loved, loved, loved their rooms too!!

I also taught bread and cookie baking to our neighbour. In the process I also learnt about a place from bhabhi, that sells all the baking ingredients including yeast, herbs, cake decoration and food colours on Kalupur tower road!! Next time I am going to visit it.. Talking about visiting places, I also wanted to visit Gujari AKA Ravivari (a flea market that takes place on Sundays), but it didn’t work out. Next visit I am checking it out for sure!!

Of course Zini and her best friend Y had a great time together… It was a repeat of last visit for them.. This time they also got to go for shopping together where they sat in the same trolley, had chocolate balls together and than finally fought 😉

Though I didn’t stay at my parents’ place this time, they visited us with lots of goodies!! So Kachori, Dekhra, handvo and Vedhmi were eaten in abundance!! We also went to parents’ place for dinner where I ended up eating so many dhoklas and handvo that I had to skip the dinner of Pao bhaji!! Fun time, I tell you 😉

Comments on: "I am back :)" (10)

  1. Of course, I am jealous since I always wanted to visit Ahmedabad. Lucky u!!!!

  2. Nice to read about your trip home! Never been to Ahmedabad, on my wish list! What is dekhra, do you mean debhra?

  3. Sounds like a fun trip. I have heard a lot about Ahmedabad. Hope I get a chance to visit the city someday 🙂

  4. And i would you have gone, even before you were fully back. What’s up with you lately, update this space !!!

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