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Hi, my Name is Pankti. I am a former techie, currently a homemaker, taking care of my daughter Zini & her papa A (well that’s my hubby :)). & as a homemaker I am supposed to take care of my home as well, but let’s not talk about it ;).

I love to read happy stuff, like to watch happy movies, enjoy listening to happy songs.. so you get it, i am a sucker for happy  endings. you can find me laughing while reading a book ( i have received many concerned, many is-she-mad looks for this)

I love reading P G Wodehouse books for all the chaos in there & finally the happy endings. Chicken soup for the soul series is also a favorite…I also like Tarak Mehta na ulta Chashma for the brilliant humour…

And of course, the list is not complete without Harry Potter series…I am in love with those books. I can have re-run after re-run after re-run…of these books. (When i got the HP7, i didn’t cook, didn’t sleep & decided to travel to the office by auto rickshaw so that i can read it on the way to the office).

I enjoyed some of the Chetan Bhagat’s book, esp. 5 point someone (being an engineering student i had this deja vu moment with it) & 2 states (being a Gujarati married to a punjabi, this again had this deja vu effect)

There is one exception to my happy book list- “The Diary of a young girl”, i read it as a teenager & liked it though the ending was not happy. it made me realize that how lucky i am to have my freedom & a comfortable life…

I liked Dil Chahta Hai, 3 Idiots & HeraPheri..i also enjoyed 50 first dates, home alone, charlie’s angels, chronicles of narnia (read the books after watching the movie :)), and of course all the Harry Potter movies (Surprisingly can’t think of many movies that i would like to watch again (probably it’s the Zini effect :))

Currently i am found singing nursery rhymes, Baal Geet & Haalarda(Lori).. and to my surprise i realized that i like many of them :), i like all the songs that Zini & i can dance on…

I am also a bit of adventurer, i have tried para sailing  ( the best was at Goa, it was great flying above the sea – sadly the way i did it for the 1st time is not the way it is done now. In our last visit to Goa para-sailing was a big let down), river rafting (best was on Ganga near Hrishikesh, waiting for another chance – Sadly this too has been discontinued now due to a recent accident). Also took a road journey to Leh via Manali…And yes, if riding a scooty in which fuel is about to run out & then getting it pushed by an auto walla, or a passing biker, or loading it in a cycle rickshaw to reach nearest patrol pump is considered adventurous then that also ;)……

Oh, and I blog about my cooking adventures at My Cooking Adventures….


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  1. Hey Techie-cum-Mom 🙂

    Bumped into you while blog-hopping..will stay around..hope it is ok.. *asking innocently* 🙂

  2. Yes, Have stayed there most of my life, did schooling, college, got my first job & met my hubby in Ahmedabad…It’s my home :)…
    So what’s your Amdavad connection?!!

  3. Chicken soup series, The Dairy of a young girl, 5point some1, Hera pheri, dil chahta hai, river rafting, para sailing guess i found more than enough in common to follow your sweet blog 🙂 Nice to know you ! Cheers !

  4. Hey T2M, how did i miss reading this page?
    I am a P.G Wodehouse fan too and enjoyed CB’s 5 point someone and 2 states 🙂
    And you have done parasailing too .. same pinch 🙂
    Road journey to Leh via Manali … Now I am seriously jealous … A dream trip for me … but a distant dream (not until Cheebu is a bit older) Please share your experiences of that trip na… would love reading it 🙂

  5. lovely ‘about’ account T2M 🙂 So Zini is about 2 ? That’s close to Chirpy’s age 🙂 same pinch on that 🙂 I’m sure we would have a lot to share-lot of tips and shoulder offering 😉

    • Hey Scribby, thanks for checking this page 🙂

      Zini is 2 years, 2 months old…Yes, if Chirpy and Zini will be in same standard when they start the school (School on my mind with Zini’s play-school 🙂 )
      Yeah, definitely, actually when i start the job hunt, i am planning to take tips from you 🙂

  6. Hello, I enjoy reading your posts and hence nominated you for a Liebster award. Please do check it out. http://www.sugaretal.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/liebster-awards-two-in-row.html

  7. oooh.. you’re from ahmedabad.. Me too 🙂

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  9. T2M, I’m a sucker for happy endings too..:) Enjoying reading your blog…

  10. […] Picks Bhawna from Simply DeliciousLi from Words & CakeRashida from Inherited RecipesT2M from techie2mom (sorry, I do not have your name. Nevertheless I love your […]

  11. […] Picks Bhawna from Simply DeliciousLi from Words & CakeRashida from Inherited RecipesT2M from techie2mom (sorry, I do not have your name. Nevertheless I love your […]

  12. Hi Pankti, I read about your ladakh tour. I wanted to know weather you still have your driver digvijay’s no.

    • Sorry, i changed phone and lost the number 😦
      But we got him from Indian holidays. you can talk to them if you wish….

  13. Hey Pankti…awesome blog…njoying reading ur blog..:)

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