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Can’t even think of a title!!

When I read my previous blog posts, I just can’t believe that I wrote them!! Some of them are so good and some of them are cringeworthy.. Still I wrote them. And today when I try to write a new post, I can’t even think of a title!!

While I am really proud of my previous posts, I wonder that is it possible that we somehow loose that creativity or ability to express ourselves in the written words? Because that is happening to me now a days. I can’t really articulate that well.. Is it because, there are too many things on my mind and there is no mind space for creative writing? I hope so.. After all writing a book is on my bucket list and it can’t be fulfilled if I can’t do some engaging writing..

So here I am, trying to brush it up.. Trying to reach out to that place in my mind that has gone in hibernation due to demands of work, commute, family and other persuits. Now that we are talking about other persuit, let me tell you more about it.. You may remember during my previous life as a stay at home mom, I started a baking business? I stopped it after I joined a full time job. But that keeda didn’t die down. It kept coming back to me. For the whole of last year I thought about it. I thought about learning baking professionally and doing it for the living. You may also remember that I was a student of youtube and various food blogs.. But to gain that confidence to put across that premium rate for my baked goodies, I had to go to the baking classes. So I paid a bomb (Thanks to my regular job) and did this baking course, where I mostly learnt about various cake decorating techniques. Some of them I knew but polished it there, some of the techniques were new to me and got a foundation to learn further. Most importantly I learnt to speak up and not to compromise. I realized that if I do that it won’t be fun anymore, it won’t be worth it.

And finally I took the plunge. I once again started baking professionally. If anything it has made my days much more hectic. But I am loving it.. I am loving this phase where I am just setting up the business. I love it when I get great feedback on the cake I had delivered. I love it when the kids come up to me and tell me that the cake I baked was awesome, or that my garlic breads are their most favorite thing in the world. It makes me happy when I see the awestruck faces of the children who can’t decide whether to play with the cake or to eat it, and when these little ones can’t keep their hands of these cakes!! I am not saying it has been all rosy.. I have had my share of mistakes, but thankfully they were far and few in between. And the customers, or friends who ordered have been sweet enough to show confidence in me and have ordered again. I love it when the people who ordered with me 4 years back, come back and order again as soon as they know that I have started the business again. I should count my blessings…

So ending this post with some of my recent creations.. Hope to be back soon..

You can keep track of my latest work on my food blog too at Cake n Curry.


Handvo in Paniyaram Pan @ my food blog..

Today I’ve shared the recipe of Handvo in Paniyaram Pan at my food blog..

Handvo in paniyaram pan

Handvo in paniyaram pan

Vedhami @ my food blog…

Thanks a lot for the wishes 🙂

I finally made Vedhmi AKA Puran Poli and have shared the recipe at my food blog 🙂

Vedhmi | Puran Poli

Vedhmi | Puran Poli

Vedhmi | Puran Poli

Vedhmi | Puran Poli


Whole Wheat Herbs and Garlic Bread @ my food blog..


Today I’ve shared the recipe of whole wheat herbs and garlic bread at my food blog.

Whole Wheat Herbs and Garlic Bread @ my food blog..

Whole Wheat Herbs and Garlic Bread

Tomato Soup @ my food blog…

Today I have shared the recipe of tomato soup at my food blog.

Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup

Muthiya in Paniyaram Pan @ my food blog…

Today I’ve shared the fusion recipe of Muthiya in Paniyaram Pan @ my food blog..

Muthiya in Paniyaram Pan..

Muthiya in Paniyaram Pan..

A thank you note and some cooking shooking..

Thanks a lot for you comments yesterday, definitely made me feel better. And some sun, a talk with friends and a happy Zini made me realize that there is not point in lying in the ditch for long.. There is lot to be enjoyed and I should start doing that!! Once again thanks a lot for your lovely comments..Means a lot 🙂

So I read Chatty Wren’s post about her relationship with cooking and as always decided to use the old prompt for a new day!! So yes, today you will be treated (!!) with my thoughts on cooking!! Not that I haven’t already shared my thought on cooking already, you can read more about it here.. So what’s new I am bringing to the plate? My cooking memories!!

My first cooking memory is with my grandfather. He was an expert cook. He made some mean pickles!! Actually it was he who would make yearly pickles for us too!! And he maintained a big organic garden where he grew white baingan, sargavo, lemon, roses, karela, tulsi and some other stuff!! During my 4th stardand vacation I went to stay with him. After countless games of Rummy and dhaglabaaji we got bored and he asked me if I wanted to cook something!! And dhokla being my favorite I said, yes, let’s make dhokla!! And then I had my first cooking adventure that day!! He let me decide all the ingredients and executed as I asked him to!! Though the dhokla were not as I imagined them to be they were decent!! Then he told me the secret behind the dhokla tasting different!! It was the fermentation part that was missing!! He knew it all along but never corrected me, he let me make mistake to learn!! To say  I was very fascinated with the whole process would be an understatement!! 

My mom didn’t let me cook a lot and frying was a complete no-no!! But I was so eager to do the frying that one day I decided to do it when mom had retired to the bed room after dinner. And then hot oil splashed and some of it dropped on my hand. I quietly turned the gas off, washed my hand and came out. Mom saw it but waited for me to blurt it out. And when I saw a big boil where the oil had dropped I panicked and blurted everything to mom!! Needless to say, after this incidence I started my frying career very late in my life 😉

But I was still not over experimenting. As a result of one my experiment one of my mom’s pateela still sports a burnt and blacked out look!! I decided to make Maggie in this pateela for me and my brother!! The only catch was that we didn’t have maggie at home!! So I used sarevada (a dried rice sev, to be fried and eaten like papdi) in place of noodles. After some time whole kitchen was filled with smoke as the water had evaporated and sarevada had not cooked yet!! My brother refused to eat any of it. So we discarded it all before mom came back. But of course the smokey smell and the burnt pateela did pol khol for us…

My papa too can cook decent meals and he too does experiment at times. Once mom had some office dinner, so papa was in-charge of cooking for us. And he decided to make bhajia in place of daal and bhakhari!! We knew all the theory so we were confident. But it turned out that the theoretical knowledge was not enough. We ended up adding a lot more water to the batter than needed. As a result our bhajias were more like chips!! In the process we exhausted all our besan. Thankfully, mom turned up soon and got some more besan from our neighbours and made some yummy bhajia for us 🙂

As I have already mentioned I hated cooking when I got married and was solely responsible for cooking. To my disappointment hubby didn’t know anything about cooking. And when I tried to teach him to do basic things like cutting onions, I got really scared with the way he held the knife. I was sure he was going to cut his finger. Looking at this, we started using a food processor!!

Of course now I enjoy learning new dishes and doing experiments, my food blog is a result of the love for cooking and baking!! I do mess up some times, but I learn from the mess…

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