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I am back :)

As promised in my last post, I went on a break, though a little longer than expected πŸ˜‰

I went to Ahmedabad. Yeah I can see a lot of you getting jealous… But wait, this time I went for some work and not on vacation, so get a little less jealous πŸ˜‰

I am going to read the posts on my reader but before that some Amdavad updates to banta hai πŸ™‚

Finally I got the right sized cupcake moulds that I have been searching for since I started my baking business!! Yaay!! I also got some other baking related stuff!! I found a series of small shops selling all kinds of fancy bake ware in Manek Chowk!! I generally don’t do the city markets but this time I checked out Tran Darwaja!! Had fun checking out all the colourful stuff.

I tried out food from Agashiye, also checked out their rooms!! I would say the place is amazing!! Once I got in it was difficult to believe that it was really located in front of the bustling Vijli ghar!! The place has a calm and laid back vibe to it, which I loved, loved and loved!! And if you are visiting Ahmedabad and have enough money then go and stay there… They have amazing rooms, all vintage, heritage kinda stuff!! And they have a swing in the room!! You know my love for swings!! Yes, I loved, loved, loved their rooms too!!

I also taught bread and cookie baking to our neighbour. In the process I also learnt about a place from bhabhi, that sells all the baking ingredients including yeast, herbs, cake decoration and food colours on Kalupur tower road!! Next time I am going to visit it.. Talking about visiting places, I also wanted to visit Gujari AKA Ravivari (a flea market that takes place on Sundays), but it didn’t work out. Next visit I am checking it out for sure!!

Of course Zini and her best friend Y had a great time together… It was a repeat of last visit for them.. This time they also got to go for shopping together where they sat in the same trolley, had chocolate balls together and than finally fought πŸ˜‰

Though I didn’t stay at my parents’ place this time, they visited us with lots of goodies!! So Kachori, Dekhra, handvo and Vedhmi were eaten in abundance!! We also went to parents’ place for dinner where I ended up eating so many dhoklas and handvo that I had to skip the dinner of Pao bhaji!! Fun time, I tell you πŸ˜‰



No it’s not the name of a new movie made by Disney Pixar after cars and planes…This is all about how i share a love-hate relationship with trains…

Yes, I know a lot of you love to travel by trains (including Zini and my hubby) but I somehow get worried and excited with train travels at the same time…Weird, i know but I have my reasons …

The biggest issue is that all my travel partners are so obsessed about reaching the station early, at least before an hour!! Yes an hour!! I kid not!! And then long painful wait of the train starts. I remember my papa plonking us on station in SUMMER vacation!! Summer is the keyword here…

My hubby too shares this obsession of my papa. We both haggle about the starting time and finally he too manages to get us on station at least before 45 minutes. And then Zini goes berserk!! She wants to explore everything on the station and wants to touch every corner!! And after some time she gets tired and wants me to pick her up!! No papa won’t do, mumma has to pick Zini up πŸ™„ !!!

And don’t get me started about the hygiene in and outside trains!! A lot of stations are very dirty and toilets on the train are a nightmare and madam Zini refuses to use diaper which means 2-3 visits to this hell…Enough said…

Sleeping on a train was already a difficult thing for me and since I started travelling with Zini, it has almost become impossible. I just can’t sleep on the same berth as Zini (the berths are too tiny) and Zini won’t sleep without mummy, which essentially means that I stay awake 😦

This doesn’t mean that I completely abhor train journey, I have some happy memories of train travel too. Our great vacations have started with train journeys!! I have fond memories of travelling with my family!! I totally loved eating thepla, puri and sukhdi during those journeys (yeah, my mom too shares my OCD of homemade food)…Though sometimes she relented and let us buy those tempting but totally unhygienic things from station and cutlets from the pantry…

My train travel after my wedding, where both mine and hubby’s family traveled together felt totally like a picnic!! From every compartment we could hear loud laughing people (yeah we are a loud lot) and everybody was munching on something or the other (and yeah, we all love to eat)…

I also remember the 1st train journey that hubby and I took after 2 weeks long wedding festivities to go to Hyderabad… For the first time we were together and it finally sank in that we were married!! It was indeed a very special train journey…After that we continued to make a lot train travels and had adventures with the trains too..

P.S.: If you hear a folklore about a young girl travelling on train and buying and eating chana puri from each station, then believe me, the story is totally true!!

One more comeback…

No i am not talking about some bollywood actress…I am talking about myself πŸ™‚

I am back from a long break.Β I have disappeared many times before but this has been the longest i have been away from the blog world!! Not that i planned to. I knew that i won’t be able blog frequently for some time. But i had kept a few posts ready to be posted when i was very busy. however i couldn’t even publish the already written posts!! Similarly, reading posts appearing on my reader and commenting on them became almost impossible, only the ones appearing in my mail box were read, though not commented upon 😦

I know i owe an explanation.. So here it is (or they are),

1) It was Zini’s vacation time which meant she was at home all the time, crawling all over my mind, leaving no mindspace for anything else.

2) We had guests at home. It started with my parents, then in-laws, my maasi, hubby’s bua and sister, hubby’s one more cousin, friends and neighbours from Ahmedabad and finally my cousin. Oh and this weekend one more guest is expected!! With our favorite people around, we were busy shopping, cooking, travelling around and spoiling Zini!! So blogging had to take back seat. And in betweenΒ I traveled to Ahmedabad!! Where a loved one was hospitalized, much much better now. Touchwood.

3) All of us fell sick. First it was hubby, then Zini and finally me!! So since last 3 weeks we are digging in to khichdis and daals 😦

4) I took up a freelancing project of content development, which is still not completely complete. But we are almost there!!! I did a lot of late nights and early mornings during peak work time. Hopefully now, I am done with the work. I have also been writing for IMC. Check out my post here.

Now, Zini’s vacation has ended and our health is much better (though i am still eating khichdi) and this essentially means that i am back to blog world πŸ™‚

So people, get ready to get your mail-box spammed with the comments (and i have many to make πŸ˜‰ )…


As promised here is my Moksha story…

In the long weekend of Gudi padwa, we visited a small hill station called Parwanoo in HP. The place was near Ludhiana, so we went there 1st and along with hubby’s uncle auntie we visited the resort Moksha located there!!

It is amazing (also amazingly costly, but totally worth it. One day when we will have money we are going to stay there)!!! They have swimming pool on the top of the hill and you can see valley from the pool!! The restaurant too has an amazing view of valley where you can see reservoir created by Kaushalya dam…

The place had so many strategically placed hang out zones with cool breeze urging you to take it easy and enjoy the Β view and the weather!!! And not to mention the exotic spas they have!!! There were sooooo many options available in their spas that i wanted to try all of them!!! But with Zini around i couldn’t try a single one 😦

Though they were nice enough to give us a guided tour to the place…

The rooms there were also amazing, with a big balcony with great views and bay windows!! The rooms (or rather suites) had it all!!! I can see myself curled at the bay window with a nice book and coffee!!! Hubby, are you listening?!?

You reach there by a cable care so Zini had her 1st cable car ride and she got amazingly excited at flying in a cabin!!! Then we bought the passes to go up to the resort and were driven up in a golf cart!! The place had such a calming effect with cool breeze, biiiiiiiiiig, fragrent and colourful flowers, flowing fountains and small pools and the amazing view of the valley!!

And of course the food was yumm…

I soooo wished to stay there, but we had to return…

So return we did and stayed back at Ludhiana. Zini has now started calling the place Gudiana πŸ™„

As usual she bathed in Tubewell and fed the dogs!!! This time i made Haandvo (last time my MIL made it and Ludhinaites loved it, so this time i was to make it πŸ™‚ )In short we all enjoyed πŸ™‚

Here are some pics….

View of the valley from one of the hangout zone

View of the valley from one of the hangout zone

The hangout zone

One of the hangout zone

The Pool on the edge..

The Pool on the edge..

One more pic of the pool

One more pic of the pool

Clearly, i can't get enough of THE Pool :)

Clearly, i can’t get enough of THE Pool πŸ™‚

The view from the cable car

The view from the cable car

The view from the cable car and the tiny shadow of the  cable car itself!!!

The view from the cable car and the tiny shadow of the cable car itself!!!


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