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Zini strikes again!!

Disclaimer: don’t read if you are grossed out by reading about potty. Though let me tell you it’s hilarious.. Aah well, things we do for the blogathon 😉

This is what happened when Zini learnt the concept of friendship:

Mumma aap mere friend ho (mummy you are my friend)..

Roti Bhakhari ki friend hai (Roti is friend of bhakhari – both are flatbreads)..

Roti Pronthi ki bhi friend hai (Roti is friend of Paratha – again flatbreads)

Bhakhari aur pronthi friends hai kya?

And the most hiliarious of them all is : Potty Su su ki friend hai!!


We went to Zini’s doc. We tell him that she seems to be having some gas problem as she has been burping a lot..

Zini immediately corrected me – dakar ko gas mat bolo (don’t call burp as gas), gas to piche se aati hai!!

Everybody including doctor almost fell of the chair..


Zini after doing her potty:

Yeh potty cake ke jaise ban gayee, chalo iski photo khinche..

Perils of food blogging!!!


We were coming back from Ludhiana in car and saw a cow on the road with a wagging tail.

Excited Zini shouted: dekho cow poonch se bye-bye kar rahi hai (The cow is saying bye using her tail)!!



Bringing up Vasu…

Are you a new mom or an experienced mom? Or may be an expecting mom or planning to conceive? I would say read this book – bringing up Vasu by Parul Sharma!!

It is fun and totally true!! It has everything, a super worried first time mom who dreams of becoming a super mom, a harried dad, a colicky baby, an entertaining grandmother, vanishing nannies, an irritating neighbour, a competitive friend, a few real friends, fashionable names, entertaining letters written by mom to the baby and a happy ending!! Oh wait!! It also has some bollywood tadka!! This book is completely fun!!

When I read it, I revisit the good (?!) old days of Zini’s first year!! The days when I would jump at any noise during Zini’s nap time, when she would become all colicky through night and sleep through day, when I ate with Zini on my lap, when I worried about her school admission, all of it!! And all these is written in the funniest possible way!! So if you have raised a baby, you would feel that it’s your story!!

This book gives a complete insight in what’s going on in the new mom’s mind!! And anybody who wants to understand a new mom, must read this!! And the best thing about the book is that you can re-read it!! It remains equally funny every time you read it!!

You can see RM’s thoughts on this book here, I got the book after reading her review 🙂 .

Today morning in the bed room…

“Wake up”

“Please let me sleep”

“No, it’s time to wake up”

“Oh, but I still want to sleep”

“No, Let’s go to the drawing room”

“Please let me sleep for some more time”

“Wake up”!!

It’s Zini who said “Wake up” and it was me who wanted to sleep  (but couldn’t)!!!

You know you are a mom when – the 4th!!!

Read part 1, part 2 and part 3 of this work in progress post here…

-Potty, its colour and its quantity is discussed with great enthusiasm!!

– you try to sneak in veggies( & milk) in everything you cook!!

– All your pens go missing mysteriously, you have at least once used crayon to write..

– You wonder how teachers manage so many little ones, while you go mad with only one around.

– You are in awe of teachers that manage to make little children dance and perform in sync!!

– Homework and project work re-enter your life.

– Your house is full of lots and lots of tiny cloths..

– You have cried at least once with pride!!

– You have cried at least once with exasperation!!

– You feel that you haven’t talked on phone without interruption since ages!!

– You are anxious before you go to watch a movie or travel!!

– You wish that you had somebody who can give answer to all the “whys” thrown at you..

Whole wheat Chocolate Cookies!!

Whole Wheat Chocolate Cookies

Whole Wheat Chocolate Cookies

Whole Wheat Chocolate Cookies

Whole Wheat Chocolate Cookies

Yeah, I am doing one more cheat post.. The day has been busy, jam packed, that’s my excuse!!

But I’ll share with you the yummy chocolate cookies made by Zini!! She cut the shapes using cookie cutter and is now claiming that she made them 😉

Fun Day!!

was today!!

We had Zini’s best friend P, from school over at our home!!

She had behaved so nicely during her winter vacation that her mom agreed to her wish of visiting Zini!!

Naah!! I am joking.. Just like Zini the girl was going bonkers at home, hence her mom decided to bring her over so that the girls can fraternize while we at least could catch our breath!!

Yesterday I received a call from R (P’s mother) andshe  asked me if we were equally desperate for some peace… And as such was the case, we fixed the play date for today..

Zini was all excited and declared that she would make a cake for her friend… So we baked an orange chiffon cake yesterday. And today converted it to smiley cake using cream 🙂

We also made french fries and methi na muthiya.. (yeah, i had to give food update 😉 )

Zini went to sleep talking about P and woke up asking when would she come.. Zini’s whole morning was spent waiting for P…

And when P came it was an Awww moment!! Both girls hugged and held hands and Zini led P to her treasure trove of toys…She even granted P an entry in her home (a tent)!! Even we are not allowed in her home 🙄

We took them down in the park, they sang, they ran, they played, they laughed and they cried!! That’s when we decided to bring them back to home and bribe them with the smiley cake!!

Zini’s other friend J and her mom too came home and we had cake!! And then the kids had chocolates brought by R. And they went back to the serious business of playing!!

It’s fun we have our favorite people around no matter what age we are!! And then all days become fun days!!


I have witnessed not one but two miracles in recent past!!

To give you the back ground. There was this problem with Zini that she never ever voluntarily showed her tongue to doctor (bad manners?!).. She allowed the doctor to check her using her stethoscope but would not open her mouth. Her doctor auntie tried a lot of tricks like using a phone’s flash light and telling her that she is just taking a pic to using different torches to telling her that there were stars inside her mouth!! She even tried bribing Zini with candies!!

But in vain, the little mouth remained tightly shut!! So every time she would fall ill a tongue depressor would be pressed in her mouth so that the doctor could check her throat and tongue!!  Last week she had a bad throat and we went to the doctor. All of us (including Zini’s doctor ) braced ourselves for the hue and cry when the doctor requested Zini to open her mouth.

Then the miracle happened!! Zini quietly opened her mouth and got her throat checked!!! Saying that we all were surprised would be an understatement!! It was nothing short of miracle!!

Similarly she surprised another auntie who cuts her hair!! Zini doesn’t like anybody touching her hair. She hates it (and makes it amply clear by crying and screaming loudly) when oil is applied to her hair or she is given head bath or when she is given hair cut!!

She cries so bad that we are banned from two beauty parlors!! I kid not!! Finally a brave lady who specializes in this job agreed to cut her hair, but then each time I had to take somebody with me to hold the screaming and jumping Zini.. It became so bad that I used to give her hair cut while she slept resulting in a funny hair cut!! Finally a day came when she agreed to get her hair cut by me while watching a baby getting hair cut on you tube!! I still used to give her funny hair cut (I am no pro, ok)?!?

But last Friday was a different day!! She surprised me by saying that she would like to get a hair cut from the Auntie!! Of course I immediately got ready but given her past record, I was skeptical about the whole thing!! But she got her hair cut done quietly!! Though she refused to acknowledge the auntie, she didn’t scream murder!! And she now sports a nice clean hair cut!!

The auntie who cut her hair too declared that this was a miracle!!

Keeping my fingers crossed for more happy miracles 🙂

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