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One Good Year!!!

This Good friday (29th March) this blog completed One good year!!!

I still remember the day, when my neighbour P showed me RM’s blog and how i got hooked!!! My hubby and my cousin Jigar had already been insisting that i write about my time with Zini. RM’s blog worked as a catalyst and i decided to start my own blog!!!! I remember putting Zini to sleep and creating my wordpress account and that’s how my blogging journey started…

And i am so glad i did it!!! I met so many wonderful people in this virtual world, the experience is priceless!!!

Today i decided to read my old blog posts, and how happy i feel that i have recorded my life here!!! When i read old posts, i could feel the excitement once again at finding that there is a comment on the post!!!

Initially my hubby, my cousin and friends Leena (I have 2 friends with the same name :)), H and P used to read my blog to encourage me!!! Then I remember Visha commented on my post, and then Jas , Lifesong and Nithvin came!!!

Chatty Wren, Smita, GB, Scribby, Toffee, Divoo and Bikram  encouraged with their comments…

DI, Maddie, Hitchy, Uma, Roshni, OHW, LFSugaretal and vishalbheeroo too were not far behind….

i occasionally get Tharani, Ani, ME, Pepper, SmitaVini, Mumsphere, AshreyamomConfused D, Nibedita and Divya also around 🙂 And i think there are some silent readers around also….

I wanted to say Thanks a lot guys!!! It means a lot 🙂

When i read the old posts I could feel the love and blessing that has been showered on us!!! And i felt happy that when Zini grows up, she can read herself about all little things she did (and didn’t do 🙂 )…

And When i read the old posts i found my eyes leaking with happiness and with nostalgia!!! If one year of blogging can do this then i want to do this forever…I hope i am able to….

In this journey of blogging, i disappeared in between because my computer broke down, then it was internet’s turn. And finally because of busy times. But every time i came back, i found my friends round the corner!!!! It has been great journey so far and i hope to continue doing this!!!

A year it has been, the blog has seen,

My ups and downs, My joy and my sorrow,

Nothing is hidden, yesterday, today and tomorrow….

It’s a great new journey, full of new findings and learning,

But a journey is nothing without a great company,

So all my friends, Hope to see you around,

On my Life’s playground!!!

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Happy Birthday!!!


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