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YouTube Videos, Anyone???!?!?

Those who have a child will probably agree with me, youtube is turning out to be the most dreaded website of all times.

I mean did you ever have to go through the marathon runs of Baa Baa Black sheep, Clap your hands, Puff a train & what not???!?!? i even tried to automate the playing (it will keep playing the thing in the loop or in a particular sequence), but Zini doesn’t like 1 particular sequence, & the idea went in the drain.

And some of them are so irritating (Yes more irritating then the Kolaveri Di is to RM).

Take for example of one of the Puff a Train animated video (Oh there are multiple Puff a train videos out there, but this one takes the prize). The way it is sung in the video, irritates me to no end. Upar se, hubby sings it in the morning (of course to irritate me further), then this bugging song, gets into my head & remains there whole day.

Then there is this Johnny, Johnny video.  the makers of this video, definitely don’t know the word “continuity”.  During this video Johnny & his papa undergoe an instant makeover. initially johnny has dots for eyes & a small nose. Then Johnny suddenly is a big boy with big eyes & a long nose. initially johnny’s papa doesn’t have mustache & then suddenly in the next scene he is sporting, nice big muchee!!!!

But my daughter loves all these videos & remains quiet for like 10 mins watching them.

So, despite the fact that these videos are very irritating & bugging, i want to thank people, who put them up on youtube. Thank you, you are one of the reasons, i am reasonably sane :).


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