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Oops I almost did it again….

Thank you very much Smita!! I was on the verge of saying oops I did it again 😉 You just saved me..

Those who don’t know what’s going on, may ask “why are you thanking Smita?”

My answer would be “Ohhh you don’t know? Smita has given me an award so that i get something to blog about.”

Someone may still ask “for which thing  am I thanking her? for giving me an award or for giving me something to write about?”

Now who this nosy someone is?!

Before you throw that shoe at me, I would stop it… And get down to the job…

Rolling my sleeves, dusting my hands, let’s kill the award 😉


The rule says I need to list 8 things about me and spread the love to 5 more bloggers!

Let’s kill the rule first (I hope this is not overkill of the word kill)…

Anyways, I have shared more than 8 things about me. If you are really interested, you go check them out here and here. This means I am not going to share anything new here.

But I can still share (pictures of) my favorite coats…Here, they are:


My Favorite Coats – just joking!! (Image from here)

What Smita, you were just joking?! You meant quotes?!

Ok, so you want quotes?! you will get quotes…

1) You are the most important person in your life..

2) Please remember above quote.

3) What it doesn’t count as a quote? Ok, it was a reminder to self…

2) When you are angry, lambi gehri saans lijiye aur dheere dheere chodiye – Try karne me kya jaata hai, it may work?!!

3) When you are angry, have a hearty meal and go to sleep, it will definitely work…

4) When a child is sleeping, keep quite.. especially if the child in question is mine..

5) When you are on diet, you will be gifted with sweets and chocolates.

 I am not going to kill the 2nd rule. Enough of killing now…

So I give these people an opportunity to kill the award/tag..

Smita would you like to kill it again?

ChattyWren – I would like to know her favorite quotes!!

GB – Smita has already given her the award, saath me mera bhi kar legi

Visha – Copy GB’s reason, paste

LiFi – Copy ChattyWren’s reason, paste

Jas – To give her something to blog about (wanted to show that i am not the only one missing in the action)

Priya – To give her something to blog about (see see  Jas, we are not alone.)

Nilu – Copy LiFi’s reason, paste

Linsy – She is from AHMEDABAD!!! that’s reason enough. you want more? Ok she has got a brilliant smile…

Hitchybhai – Copy Visha’s reason, paste. Oh wait, there is one more reason, he reminded me that i was about to do it again.

Nava – because she is brilliant, thoughtful and takes great pictures of yummy food she cooks!!

Reni -Copy Nava’s reason, paste..


What made me happy!!!

Last week I was feeling low but then i realized that there are lots of things that made me happy also.. So i decided to concentrate on happy memories and here is the post….

My parents are here!!! Yes, finally my papa too made it…Though technically they are not here as of now, as they have gone to Delhousie. but they came here, stayed for 3 days and will be coming back here from Delhousie and will be spending a week here, Yaaay!!!! This itself deserves a post….

We visited a resort called Moksha at a small hillstation in Himachal Pradesh!!! It was AWESOME!!!! I think i’ll do a detailed post on that, if not for anything else then for the swimming pool they have…
But visiting Moksha meant that we weren’t around on the weekend hence I missed meeting Smita 😦  but we talked on phone. And had a delightful conversation!!! It didn’t feel that we were talking for the 1st time…We talked (complained about) our respective kids 🙂 about our life, Smita’s recent travels!!! Naively i had thought that Gaziabad is a small place like Noida, and i would be able to reach there within minutes. but after talking to Smita i realized that was not the case!! Had to go Jamuna paar to reach her place and i couldn’t make it to her place 😦

Zini started going to a new school!!! And she is pretty much settled there…Touch wood… This too is a play school but, the school has the classes upto 12th standard. So from play school Zini will graduate to Nursery and then to 1st Standard in the same school!! Phew…That’s one biiiiiiiiig worry taken care of… Also going to this school means that she spends a little longer time in commute, hence  i get an extra hour and i am enjoying that extra hour!!!! I know i am a wicked mom 😉

Now because i get an extra hour, i had to take advantage of it!! So my friends and i watched movie!!! So much of fun!! No Zini and lots of popcorn, pepsi and nachos…Yummm!! We watched Nautanki Saala BTW…It was ok, but hey who cares about how was it?! It was a movie and i watched it without anybody shouting my name, or pulling my sleeves or sleeping in my lap!!! That’s great…Don’t you think so?!?

It has been raining awards for me!!! 1st Sonali, Nilu, Reni and Pritivery kindly shared Liebster Blog Award with me (I’ll do the post soon I just did the award post)!!!

And now, a kind member of BlogAdda team thinks that I am a Notable Newbie!!!

So yes, my profile is featured as Notable Newbie on BlogAdda, Thanks a lot!!! Check it out people…Isn’t it cool?!?! Well i don’t like the word housewife and i don’t do a lot of chores (if you will visit my home, you will know 🙂 ) but we will let it pass….Coz i am happy!!!  BlogAdda has very kindly updated the page as per my request, Thanks again, I am happier 🙂

i started with a sole purpose of recording Zini’s antics… But then i started torturing you guys with my random thoughts and other tales also 😉 !!! And then i became adventurous enough to start a new blog – A Food blog – to record My Cooking Adventures!!!

Thanks a lot for sticking around and encouraging me with your comments and visits!!!

And in true award ceremony style i would also like to thank my family and friends, especially my hubby (who is looking after Zini right now, so that i can do this post ;)) and my cousin Jigar – these 2 people encouraged me to start blogging…And of course Zini – without her antics life would be boring and i wouldn’t have started the blog in 1st place…My parents who encouraged me to read (and as a byproduct i started writing – i actually wrote a story about a lost pigeon when i was in 4th standard – only my parents and my friends read it)!!! And my friends, who read my blog and encouraged me to continue!!!

I think i’ll stop my Oscar speech now and show off my new and shiny Notable Newbie Award :)!!!

My Notable Newbie Badge!!!

My Notable Newbie Badge!!!

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