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Zini Speak!!!

Zini speaks a lot and that’s saying something when it’s said by me!! She speaks non-stop, asks questions and if we try to answer by nodding our head, we are told to speak – “Muh se Bolo”!!

Every discussion starts with a “Kyon” (why) and it ends with – oh it never ends!!

I’ve realized that I haven’t recorded some of the cutest words she invented and used for long a time.

Like “Finished” used to be called “Finchin” in Zini speak,

“Ho gaya” became “Hoe ga”,

“computer” was called “Compincomp”,

“Ungli” was called “Ingu”,

“Sab log” became “Sabaar”,

“good night” was called “Goondin” and “Tumhara” was “Tumka”!!

And yes the Chana jor garam is called “Mall wala teekha” just because we buy it from a mall!!

She also calls her papa Mumpa!! Which is a new word made by mixing mummy and papa!! (Thankfully she doesn’t call me Pummy 😉 )… She also calls him Paapi because in one of our Dora book, Dora calls her papa, Paapi!!! I totally encourage her 😉

Now, she has outgrown most of these words but we still use them!!

So one night her papa told her “goondin” and then wanted me to cover him with his blanket just the way i did it for Zini!!

Zini gave her 2 cents : Papa to chotu baby hai, “good night” ko “goondin” bolte hai aur khud apna kambal bhi nahi odh paate!!!

(Papa is a little baby, in place of good night he says goondin and he can’t even cover himself with his blanket)

Needless to say, I was rolling with laughter 😀


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