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The Birthday Party……

You already know from this post that Zini completed 2 years this 31st May…..

Now, i was a bit anti-party due to following reasons:

1) If there are many guests then we have to attend them and in the process the kiddo gets neglected..

2) Zini doesn’t like being held, touched or talked to by strangers and may even start crying if any of these things happen 😦

3) And she is 2 only and won’t even remember this day when she grows up….

My idea was to bake a cake at home, cook something nice that she likes and take her to temple. But hubby & in-laws wanted to have a party & invite office people & relatives.

So finally we settled on at home party of 5 of Zini’s friends (rather Bhaiyas  & Didis) from our flats and no grown-ups, only exception was A’s Masi who stays near by & is a familiar face to Zini…

Once we decided on the nature of party, it was upto me to do the preparation…So after sending Zini to snoozeland, i went  out for the party shopping which included:

1) Baloons

2) Streamers

3) Return Gifts

4) Caps

5) Various food items

Hubby ordered a yummy chocolate cake & we were ready for the day, except for cooking…

Yummylicious Cake

Yummylicious Cake

Time of the party was set to 6 pm. So after Zini slept i did some cooking and decorated home with lights, balloons and streamers. Here are the pics.

Entrance of the venue, that is our home

Entrance of the venue, that is our home

The Party Room
The Party RoomAnother photo of the Party Room

Another photo of the Party Room

And finally at 5 pm we started cooking again, rather MIL cooked while i got Zini & myself ready. So by the time kids came, cooking was almost done…Here is the menu:

1) Mango juice

2) Chips

3) Bread Rolls

4) Pasta

5) Pao-Bhaji

6) Chocolate chips Ice-cream with choco wafers & choco sauce

So when kids came, we started playing Chupa-chupi, then it was cake cutting.

Now Zini didn’t like the whole setting, though she knew that there will be cake cutting. But she started crying loudly, so finally i blew the candles and cut the cake :(.

Here is the pic where i am managing the cake, while Zini looks on from Dadi’s hands…

Cake cutting by mummy!!!

Cake cutting by mummy!!!

But after that she enjoyed a lot, what with Cake & chips eating and Eldest of the Bhaiyas engaging other kids in a play, all of them enjoyed :). Here is the pic of the play time…

Kids playing...

Kids playing…

So finally everybody was happy because all the kids enjoyed.


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