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I won’t do it again….

I see the date of my last post and my head hangs in shame 😦 It has been more than a month since a posted…. after making a comeback i went missing again… I hope i don’t do it again…

This time too there were many reasons for my absence, so i won’t bore you guys with them… Suffice to say would be that at a time there were 3 ill people at home and i was the only one  to look after all of them 😦

now i got a little breather, hence i’ll share with you guys what all is happening in our lives..

I have started a home baking business. So i make breads, cookies and cakes and sell them!! I even had a stall during Durga Pooja festival and got great response!! I might have laughed had somebody told me that i would be doing something with cooking, let alone enjoy it!! But here i am!! baking and enjoying!! And to think about it, i didn’t even know baking before 2 years!! A big thanks goes to a lot of food bloggers out there, who make totally amazing things and share them, so people like me can learn!! So work-wise i am in a happy phase!!

Zini’s nursery admission is done too!! She already was eligible for the nursery admission in her own school, but we wanted to try in one more school and try we did. I made a mistake in filling the form, still the school called us for interview!! Yes, they have interview!! And during the interview, Zini totally refused to acknowledge the presence of the teacher!! When teacher asked her about here watch, she ignored the teacher, looked at me and commanded me to put the watch inside the bag. (did i say, she is called Shakki Budhiya by my cousin?!). Then during the interview she said, she wanted to go su-su, and i picked her up and ran for it. Everybody had a great laugh at my expense, including Zini. And once she was safely placed on the potty seat, she laughed and said nahi aayi hai 🙄 despite all this drama (or probably because of the entertainment value of the drama) she got the admission in this coveted school…So next year she will go to the big school…

I finally got the laptop!! From the money that came from my content development work, i got a laptop!! though the touchscreen ones, the detachable ones and the yoga (yes, yoga) ones called out to me, i settled for a basic but fast laptop and happy with it for now!! Next on my radar is the hand mixy to cut down my work while cake, cookies and bread making!!

There is one more thing that is added to my wishlist and that is sea walking. My papa (who is as much an adventure enthusiast as i am) did sea walking in his recent vacation and from what he described, i am totally tempted to try it!! hope to do it soon…

So what’s up at your end?!


One more comeback…

No i am not talking about some bollywood actress…I am talking about myself 🙂

I am back from a long break. I have disappeared many times before but this has been the longest i have been away from the blog world!! Not that i planned to. I knew that i won’t be able blog frequently for some time. But i had kept a few posts ready to be posted when i was very busy. however i couldn’t even publish the already written posts!! Similarly, reading posts appearing on my reader and commenting on them became almost impossible, only the ones appearing in my mail box were read, though not commented upon 😦

I know i owe an explanation.. So here it is (or they are),

1) It was Zini’s vacation time which meant she was at home all the time, crawling all over my mind, leaving no mindspace for anything else.

2) We had guests at home. It started with my parents, then in-laws, my maasi, hubby’s bua and sister, hubby’s one more cousin, friends and neighbours from Ahmedabad and finally my cousin. Oh and this weekend one more guest is expected!! With our favorite people around, we were busy shopping, cooking, travelling around and spoiling Zini!! So blogging had to take back seat. And in between I traveled to Ahmedabad!! Where a loved one was hospitalized, much much better now. Touchwood.

3) All of us fell sick. First it was hubby, then Zini and finally me!! So since last 3 weeks we are digging in to khichdis and daals 😦

4) I took up a freelancing project of content development, which is still not completely complete. But we are almost there!!! I did a lot of late nights and early mornings during peak work time. Hopefully now, I am done with the work. I have also been writing for IMC. Check out my post here.

Now, Zini’s vacation has ended and our health is much better (though i am still eating khichdi) and this essentially means that i am back to blog world 🙂

So people, get ready to get your mail-box spammed with the comments (and i have many to make 😉 )…

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