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Did I just complete the blogathon?!

Something that I thought was completely impossible for me!! But here I am at the finish line along with so many amazing bloggers!! Yahoo!!

When I read about it @ RM’s place I was sure I couldn’t do it. But then I wanted to see if I could do it.. Then I thought of giving it a try and once I started there was no option of stopping. So my subscribers had to bear a lot of cheat posts in the name of blogathon..But hey, I still managed to post everyday, braving internet troubles and Zini’s vacation!!

It had been a fun journy, at time strenuous as I had busy days, at times I was overwhelmed with work, Some of the days I posted just before conking off to bed!! I also wrote almost everyday and hardly used my drafts. Most of the days, I wrote what I felt like and on other days I posted recipes on my food blog!! Thanks to blogathon, I completed 100 posts on this blog, which I thought would take a long long time!!

And yes Tharani, I too did that post, check comments, write comments and repeat cycle on most days 😉

And finally would say bye and go on a break.. Did you just heaved a sigh of relief?! The relief won’t last longer, I am coming back in a week :mrgreen:


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