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Bringing up Vasu…

Are you a new mom or an experienced mom? Or may be an expecting mom or planning to conceive? I would say read this book – bringing up Vasu by Parul Sharma!!

It is fun and totally true!! It has everything, a super worried first time mom who dreams of becoming a super mom, a harried dad, a colicky baby, an entertaining grandmother, vanishing nannies, an irritating neighbour, a competitive friend, a few real friends, fashionable names, entertaining letters written by mom to the baby and a happy ending!! Oh wait!! It also has some bollywood tadka!! This book is completely fun!!

When I read it, I revisit the good (?!) old days of Zini’s first year!! The days when I would jump at any noise during Zini’s nap time, when she would become all colicky through night and sleep through day, when I ate with Zini on my lap, when I worried about her school admission, all of it!! And all these is written in the funniest possible way!! So if you have raised a baby, you would feel that it’s your story!!

This book gives a complete insight in what’s going on in the new mom’s mind!! And anybody who wants to understand a new mom, must read this!! And the best thing about the book is that you can re-read it!! It remains equally funny every time you read it!!

You can see RM’s thoughts on this book here, I got the book after reading her review 🙂 .


F?@K KNOWS (Hey it’s a book review)

Before you guys get offended at the use of the “F word”, let me tell you it’s a book review!!!


The book is written by Shailendra Singh, one of the guys behind Percept and Sunburn…Though i had never heard about the guy i have definitely heard about Percept and Sunburn!!!

Well the blurb on the book said:

– Find yourself (Because you’re probably lost. Admit it.)

– Follow your heart (Because if you don’t then you’ll die unhappy, you stupid f?@ker.)

-Achieve your goals (You know you want to.)

– Live life like you give a f?@k (Because…why not?)

Well yes, i admit that i feel confused about my choice of leaving a career and staying at home at times…

Moreover thanks to blogadda, i was to get all the gyaan for free (yeah, i can be cheap 😉 ), so i thought, why not, let’s read this one to see if it makes any sense!!!

Well, it made some sense to me. I would put the things about the book in 3 categories: The good, the bad and the ugly…

The Good:

-Well, as i said the book does makes sense.

– And it’s funny (yes!!!), so all the gyaan goes in like a medicine coated with honey!!! And you don’t get bored while reading this book…

– The book is simple at heart, there is not much of mumbo-jumbo and fancy jargon…you can read it and understand it and implement the gyaan easily (if you wish to)…

– In between the chapters, there are few tips and i loved some of them…(One example..You better speak up, before you are eaten up!!! Or..Make yourself happy 1st and then look to make others happy – i know nothing new, but still…)

– Author talks about his own experiences and i think that makes it more interesting (well, it is always interesting to peek into a successful person’s mind 🙂 )

The Bad:

– The book sometimes can feel unorganized…Not that i minded it, but some readers may feel that way…

– There is also sense of repeatation at times…Probably the author wanted to put more stress on those things (like, smiling and being happy, being fit etc…)

– As i said, the gyaan is not completely original (well, author doesn’t claim it to be original, after all there is only so much of gyaan around!!!!). I didn’t mind it. But again if you have already read all the self help and gyaan giving books around then you may not find many new things in this book…

– At times you feel that the book is written for a 20 something male, which can get irritating!!! But yes, there is a lot of generic gyaan that everybody can use….Also I can’t put my finger at a point, but while reading it i felt that it could have been more respectful to the women…I don’t know, it may have to do with the bad language. But this was my feeling.

The Ugly:

– Well, as the name itself suggests…There is liberal use of F word…And in general the language is bad (as in foul?!). So if you think that there are any chances of you being offended by the language then, you may want to skip it…


Apart from these points, there is one more point which doesn’t fall neatly into one of the above category, so i would talk about it here.

The author says that follow your heart and do whatever your heart desires (if your heart says be a mechanic and not an engineer, then be a mechanic). You saw this funda in 3 Idiots. Also, a lot of wise people say the same thing.

But my confusion is, is it really possible for everybody? Or is it a choice for a privileged few?! Say, if you are in need of money and you are offered a good paying engineering career option, won’t you take up that option, without thinking much about your own preference for slow to start and less on pay arts career?! I don’t know about others, but i would choose the 1st option…

Also, if i give my example, i am lazy person, i didn’t like to study much, so i didn’t enjoy studying engineering much (barring a few subjects) but while working (which was related to engineering) i enjoyed my work and i did well!!! So does that mean that while you didn’t enjoy learning something, you may enjoy applying that learning somewhere !??! But as i said, i am confused about this thought. You may decide what works for you and suits you…

While i didn’t find the book to be great, i found it good!!! Overall, i would say the book is entertainingly Sensible (but just a bit overpriced at INR 195/-) !!!

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