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Pics from my kitchen……..

Some pics from my kitchen – the ground for all the misadventures….(The picture quality is not great as i took them using my phone, please chala lo…)

Finally, successfully i made the Chundo(Here is my last misadventure with it)….Though the taste was not authentic, because i didn’t use the traditionally used mango types (Rajapuri or Vanraaj), but it was good & Zini liked it. So this time the adventure bore fruits (or the fruit bore Chundo ;))….

After my first misadventure with Chundo, this time i got it right (Check out the smiley :))

Zini usually picks up veggies from the basket & play ball with them 🙄 but she gave this one to me….It was actually a heart shaped potato!!!!

I made chips from it & Zini ate them!!!Yes, we are “heartless” 😉

If you didn’t believe the first photo then here is another one to prove it….


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