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Dabangg Dance!!!

Have you seen the movie Dabangg? Do you remember the opening sequence, where Salman Khan goes to the Dakus’ hide out and gives them a good Dhulai?

In that there is a sequence where suddenly, one of the Daku’s phone rings, so immediately Salman and the Daku starts dancing and as soon as the ring goes off, they get back to business of fighting!!!!

Why am i talking about this, you may ask….

Because we see this scene repeated in our home everyday!!!

Well, we can hear someone’s door bell (which is Gayatri mantra) in our home, so every time that bell sounds (or a passer by’s mobile rings, or someone turns on tv or music system really loud and we can hear it), Zini leaves everything and starts dancing!!!

and as soon as the bell goes off, she stops dancing and goes back to whatever she was doing!!!

In case you haven’t seen the movie, here is the video:


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