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The Choco Lava Cake…..

Yes, yes, yes….I just tried the choco lava cake!!!!!!!! And yes, yes, yes, it turned out really great šŸ™‚

First time i had this at Little Italy in Hyderabad, it was aptly called Chocolate Bomb, and ever since i am hooked to it…Didn’t realize that it can be made at home, till i came across aĀ recipeĀ of it…

The very talented GB had made theĀ Choco Cupcake with Oozing Choco Syrup, which kind of reminded me of the choco lava cake and i had to make it šŸ™‚

Now, i made batter in the same way that i make for normal choco sponge cake. The trick here was to not to let the cake bake fully, let only sides and top get cooked…The story behind this is that the New York Chef Jean-Georges VongerichtenĀ invented this, unintended…He was making regular choco cake, but took out the cake before it was completely baked and realized that it was yummier and he went ahead and served it…Amazing!!!!

Based on the size and type of your baking bowl/tin, the baking time varies. I did a lot of trial and error to find out the right time of baking for my bowl.

To be precise, I had 3 trials, 1st time it got cooked completely & tasted more like a moist choco sponge cake, which was actually delicious, but the mission was choco lava cake, so be it. This led to my 2nd trial, this time it was perfect, except the fact that i didn’t know how to get it out of the bowl without breaking it, so i ended up breaking it šŸ˜¦

Finally, i asked my friend P for solution, who suggested using the butter paper cup or whatever it is called, and this time it looked elegent when it came out and there was no need to take it out….The kids certified this as yummilicious…Now you can understand how proud i feel!!!!

P.S. I’ve realized that i should have used ramekins for baking this, the cake won’t break if we use a ramekin šŸ™‚

You can check out the recipe @ My Cooking Adventures.

Here are the pics:

Batter in the butter paper cup before baking...Fingers crossed....

Batter in the butter paper cup before baking…Fingers crossed….

The Final product....Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.......
The Final product….Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…….

Trial #2, where it was yummy but i broke it while taking out....
Trial #2, where it was yummy but i broke it while taking out….


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