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Zini’s Mini Tales

As usual Zini is entertaining us with her antics, and before i forget let me record them!!!

Aise Aise karo…

I am talking to my neighbour A didi, she is asking me about swimming and how i learnt it. So i tell her that little T & her mom P (another neighbour) taught me swimming.

Now, Zini walks in so A didi says, “Muze to Zini sikhayegi swimming, Sikhaogi naa Zini?!” (Zini will teach me swimming, won’t you Zini?)

Zini: Haaaa, aise aise karo (Do like this)*moving her hands in the air*…

And this is how Zini taught swimming to A didi!!!

Aise Aise Gaao..

We are trying to sleep and as usual Zini doesn’t want to sleep. Does all the drama, asks for water, wants the Chadar to cover her already covered bed, then wants the same chadar to cover her…..

So finally, i tell her that i am going to sleep, she can stay awake if she wants to….

Now this makes her want to sleep!!!! And she herself starts singing her sleeping tune (Aaaa, Aaaaa) and tells me “Mummy, aise aise Gaao aur Nina Karao” (Mummy sing like this and make me sleep)!!!


There was a time when Zini was fixated on office. Everybody who was out of sight was at office. and everything was done at office.

Now Endabad (Ahmedabad) has replaced office.

So ask her, “Zini Dada Dadi kaha hai?”

Zini: Endabad (Sahi jawab!!!!)

ask now “Aaja Aaji kaha hai?”

Zini: Endabad (Ek aur sahi jawab!!!)

And now “Papa kaha hai?”

Zini: Endabad!!!! (Yeh Galat jawab ho gaya, papa might be in office, travelling or even in bathroom but not in Ahmedabad)

Finally ask her “Hum kaha jaa rahe hai?”

Zini: Endabad (Nooooo….we might be going to school, garden, mall or to a grocery shop, but Zini always thinks that we are going to Endabad!!!)

Dora and Boots

Those lucky ones, who don’t know about Dora, She is a little girl and has a monkey friend named Boots. Together they go on different Adventures hence Dora is called Dora the Explorer!!!!

I bought a few Dora books for Zini where Dora learns to share things, goes to doctor, attends a birthday party etc..

Some of the books have been really helpful, like the one in which she goes to doctor. Now, Zini too doesn’t feel afraid of going to the doctor. And actually manages to say Thank you to the “Achhi Doctor Aunty”!!!!

But there are not so desired effects of these books also, like these:

– She wants to me tell her the stories over and over again!!! as soon as i finish the story, she asks me tell it “Fir Se” (Again)!!!! I tell her these stories like 1000 times a day?!

– What with her love for the Dora books and her current hair style being similar to that of Dora, i said “Zini Dora hai”!!! In return she told me “Mummy Boots hai”!!!


Kem is a Gujarati word meaning “Why”…

3 months back my mama, mami and my cousins (his daughter and son) visited us.

So the little cousin of mine, whenever he is upto some mischief and some tells him “Kem?”, he immediately stops the mischief and gives the biggest, nicest smile!!! So just for fun (And for seeing that huge smile), i took to saying “Kem” to him.

Zini remembered this and now uses this “Kem” on us. And even weaves stories about it.

So recently i asked her, what did she do at school.

She said “Kheli- Kheli (Play), Matti matti (Masti Masti – Mischief)”!!!

So, i asked her what did your N Ma’am say?

Zini: N ma’am bole “Kem”!!!

I wonder how her Noida staying N ma’am learnt Gujarati!!!!


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