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Well I am using yesterday (ok, older than that) prompt today!! So what?! I can do that, can’t I Maya, RM?!

Ok, so here is what I did today..

Woke up late.

Skipped the morning walk.

Had a hot cup of Coffee.

I know, I need to pay attention to my diet and exercise.

Made Aalu paratha and Methi na Puda for breakfast..

Played with Zini, told her stories. Still one more week to go before schools reopen 😦

Loaded washing machine with laundry..

Had lunch of Roti, Ravaan, rice and curd courtesy MIL.

Baked Chocolate muffins for a birthday party. Baking Garlic pull apart rolls for the same party.

Posting the daily post while the rolls bake in oven!!

Can’t write well under pressure. (It’s an excuse for such a lame-ass post – Yeah I read your post Divya and other’s too)..

Has to go down to park with Zini and more importantly bring her back home in time..

I can do lot more once she dozes off or sleep with her, hopefully she does that on time 🙂


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