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Punjab tours & travels Part I

If you were wondering where i was Β all these times then people go get jealous…i was on a vacation to Punjab πŸ™‚

My hubby is a punjabi, so basically we went to relatives’ place…and this was Zini’s maiden Punjab visit, so she was the star of the show πŸ™‚ everybody was falling on each other to pick the girl up, this meant i was pretty much free to eat, sleep & read πŸ™‚ (BTW in past used to end up putting on at least 5 kg weight during my Ahmedabad and Punjab visits, the number now has come down to 2 kg :)) Β Zini too enjoyed her celebrity status to the hilt…

My FIL is from Amritsar & MIL is from Ludhiana, so we visited these 2 places. So first my in laws came from Ahmedabad to Noida, & then together we went to Amritsar (leaving my hubby behind to fend for himself ;))

Travelling to Amritsar:

Started from home for New delhi railway station (Pahargunj side – the side is very important. you will come to know in due course…) it turned out that the cab driver was newer to the city than us πŸ™‚ he had arrived just 2 days before to Noida and was relying on us for directions!!!!! So basically nobody knew the exact way, and we were left to the mercy of passerby’s..we are in India, so everybody was more than happy to direct us πŸ™‚

But there was a catch, this New delhi station has many platforms and based on your train’s platform number you go to one side or the other…we were supposed to go to Pahargunj side.. and the cab driver didn’t ask for it, this was driving my FIL upset every time he asked for directions, and my hubby was increasing stress by calling and in turn getting angry that we didn’t start earlier, all this while my MIL was like it’s ok even if miss the train, we will go back home & i agreed to her πŸ™‚

But we managed to reach there and that too before 30 minutes, talk about starting early πŸ™„

So Zini had her first real train ride (No, metro rides are not real train rides…) in a Shatabdi…And now the girl has an impression that you go to train to eat…She calls it “Badi train” and when asked what will she do there she answers “Khana”!!!!

We were joined by T Bhabhi (My hubby A’s cousin’s wife) & V(her son). Β We all were headed to the ancestral home for a short vacation together πŸ™‚

On the train we met 2 little children, Zini & I enjoyed playing Chupa-Chupi with them, while their mom saw us with wonder!!!

And we reached Amritsar at night & Zini immediately slept when we reached home, of course we followed the suit ASAP.

Baaki ki kahani break ke baad….


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