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What matters is what you have inside you…

R’s mom wrote a post on craze for fairness here. And it just got me really upset & thinking in this direction.

how the girls are pressurized to look a certain way & are encouraged to go to any length to fit that mold, pisses me off a big time.

It reminded me of an incident my hubby told me about. he had an informal office event/outing at a garden. After the event they cut a cake & had some snacks.

2 little girls (around 5-6 years of age) were playing around, so these guys offered food to them.  one of them took it & the other one refused it.

When the guys asked the girl why she was refusing yummy cake while her friend was having it, the little girl replied “Woh cake khati hai tabhi to uska figure aisa hai ” (Because she eats cake, she has such a figure – referring to her friend’s plumpness)…

When hubby told me about this, i was totally shocked….. are kids so young supposed to know & care about figure???

are children this young supposed to have an attractive (read slim) figure?? And from where is all this pressure coming? is it media? is it peer pressure? is it the changed mindset of parents? or is it that the girls want to look like their favourite doll?

Actually when i was pregnant a dear little girl told me that she would be so happy if i got a daughter with following charecteristics:

1) Fair

2) Brown eyes

3) Slim

4) Curly hair

And she has multiple dolls that look exactly like this. On 1 hand it was so sweet of her to be excited about my pregnancy but it also made me a little sad.

Teenage girls are told by their mothers to watch their weight. Now where are those bollywoody moms who used to feed parathas after parathas to their wards?

on more serious note, it is definitely very important to be fit (Disclaimer: i am not a great example of fitness, but i try :)). By all means, we should tell our children to be fit by playing games, working out & eating a balanced healthy meals. But shouldn’t we stop pressurizing our children to look a certain way, so that they can get married to an eligible bachelor?

I just so agree with R’s mom : “because what covers you is just the outer skin. What matters is what you have inside you!”


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