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Meri RaamPyari…

First of all you go and listen this song and then come back to read this post..

Ok, you can’t go and listen to the song?! I’ll tell you who RaamPyari is… She is this car owned by Amitabh Bachhan, in the movie Akela.. She is more like a friend and companion to him in the movie…

So has been all my vehicles, hence they are called RaamPyari inspired by her!!

My first RaamPyari was red tricycle. And I have loads of photos of me riding it. It was a gift from my bua.  Though I don’t remember much about it, I am sure my mom must have loved it coz me riding it meant peace for mom!!

Then I outgrew it and it went on to become my brother’s raampyari.. Now I had my eyes on bigger things!! So my mom owned this old fashioned black cycle on which she went to office. Now I wanted this. So everytime I was asked to do some chore, I would negotiated this cycle ride. The fact that I couldn’t sit on the seat didn’t deter me from riding it. I refused to go to our helps’s place to call her without the cycle.

Looking at my love for the cycle (and probably to save mom’s cycle) I was gifted with a shiny new Hero Jet cycle!! After all I was a big girl studying in 4th standard now!! I was now entrusted with the responsibility of buying vegetables, this essentially meant that I was allowed to cross the road on my cycle!! And after 2 years, I started riding it to school!! All cool kids were supposed to ride to school on their cycles!! So all friends would ride together to school on their raampyaris and it was great fun!! With cycles at our disposal, we could now easily go to all the friends’ place. So, the days of meeting after school, studying together and of course gossiping started!! Then a didi who had started college passed on her BSA SLR (the coolest cycle) to me!! That was the end of my Hero Jet!!

And then, one year it became cool to own a scooty!! My parents were against me riding it to school and understandably so!! So, now I was riding to school with mom who had now got a Kinetic Honda!! Of course my eyes were on it now… And eventually my parents relented and I was allowed to ride it. This meant that all of us could easily go to movies and restaurants without worrying about buses and all!! Fun days, I tell you!!

I was given a TVS Scooty when the Kinetic Honda finally went out of service!! And that scooty stayed with me till I stayed in Ahmedabad!! Story of my college days are incomplete without it. The mandatory going out and hanging out with friends was done with the help of the trusted scooty. I also used to go home for lunch everyday as my college was near to my home!!

And when I started my first job, the scooty and I together discovered so many new areas of my city!! She went with me wherever I went!! I remember a rainy day, it had rained heavily which meant that I was required to report on duty. A lot of roads were water clogged, yet my scooty and I managed to reach on duty safely!! I have also had a lot of adventures with my scooty. Often I would forget to get it fueled and then it would protest by stopping on the way!! On many such occasions I was offered help by passing people. One night when returning from work the similar thing happened and I was pushing it to a nearest petrol pump when a couple passing on the bike helped me by pushing the scooty!! My parents have still not sold this scooty and it still can ferry me around if it has to and sometimes it does when I go to Ahmedabad!!

Do you have similar fond memories of your vehicles?


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