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A new page in my (blog) life :)

Before Zini, when i wasn’t much into cooking. I mean i could manage daily and feed occasional guests.

But i wasn’t definitely on a higher level… What with really tight schedule and hectic work timings, i was never interested in going to kitchen leave alone trying new things. i used to hate cooking on weekdays. And on weekends i just felt like lazing around and going out…So you get the drift, right 😉

At the same time i am a big foodie and i love to eat. As a result i knew and visited many restaurants in the cities i lived in.

But After Zini started eating solids, i got really interested in cooking. I realized that if  i want to teach my daughter to eat healthy, i’ll have to do the same. I also generally insist that Zini get home-made food (upto to extent of being an OCD patient). All these led to my increased interest in cooking. i made everything that doctor & mom suggested for Zini. One of my friend gave me a cookery book with recipes for babies and toddlers (by Tarla Dalal). It had some cookies and cakes recipes and i got interested in baking. So i learnt basic baking also.

As a result of all this increased interest in cooking, i have been having some cooking (mis)adventures 😉 But i also succeeded in making some of the things that my daughter is hooked to and turned out well, so i thought of recording them. I have been recording my cooking misadventures in the blog. So why not the successful adventures?!?!

Chatty wren has a page recording her recepies, Greenboochi has a blog for recipes and kismitoffeebar recently added a page for her movie list. All these people inspired me to jot down my experiments with cooking 🙂

So i have created a page where i am planning to record my recipes. I learnt them from different sources, my mom (she is the biggest contributor to the list), my maasi, my grandmom, my grandfather, my MIL, my friends, some cookery shows and books and of course the omnipresent internet and various food bloggers. You can go to the My Cooking Adventures page on my blog to see the recipes 🙂

I have started with some of the cake recipes and will keep adding other recipes as and when i get time. You may not find them professionally written, but i will post the recipes that worked for me and are popular in our household. I also believe that the way every person is different his/her cooking style is bound be different. And that makes cooking more interesting. So bring in your personal touch to your cooking and happy cooking to all of you…

P.S. Added the Palak-Paneer Curry and Palak-Paneer Puri’s recipe on the page 🙂


Pics from my kitchen……..

Some pics from my kitchen – the ground for all the misadventures….(The picture quality is not great as i took them using my phone, please chala lo…)

Finally, successfully i made the Chundo(Here is my last misadventure with it)….Though the taste was not authentic, because i didn’t use the traditionally used mango types (Rajapuri or Vanraaj), but it was good & Zini liked it. So this time the adventure bore fruits (or the fruit bore Chundo ;))….

After my first misadventure with Chundo, this time i got it right (Check out the smiley :))

Zini usually picks up veggies from the basket & play ball with them 🙄 but she gave this one to me….It was actually a heart shaped potato!!!!

I made chips from it & Zini ate them!!!Yes, we are “heartless” 😉

If you didn’t believe the first photo then here is another one to prove it….

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