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Your Friend….

Dear Zini,

You have a friend Ā Y in Ahmedabad. Your friendship started when her mom brought the 5 months old Y out and 6 months old you too were out for breath of fresh air. You met for the first time then.. Her and your grandparents were neighbours.

You both would wake up at night, you both would scream loudly, you both fell ill at same time and you both looked so tiny!! Her mom (K auntie) and I would complain how you both were robing us of our sleep. Then you both grew a little and started crawling all over the place, literally!! So you and Y were seen crawling in the common area on our floor, while both the dadis kept a watchful eye on you. A lot of passer bys would think that you were twins!! You both looked alike!!

Then we shifted to Noida, but you remembered your friend and she remembered you!! A few months later Y visited us with her family at Noida and you both picked up from where you had left. You being generous and sharing your toys was a great sight!! Then we went to Ahmedabad and you both were hardly seen without each other!! Either Y was at our home or you were her place!! You shared toys, food, laugh and sometimes blows šŸ˜‰ But you loved each other.

When we came back, you made me call her. She went everyday to your grandparents place to search for you and ask them, “Zini kyare aavshe?” (When will Zini come?). When your dadi called us to tell that Y had a freak accident you were worried, you kept asking me when will she be alright.

Last time we visited Ahmedabad, you guys were inseparable. Crying to be with each other when dragged to sleep. Sharing her cycle and riding it turn by turn (sometimes together)!! Eating parathas and bhakharis!! Spilling water in the common area and Making painting using water!! Doing garba to the beat of “Nagade sang dhol baaje”!! Doing “Ringa ringa” and singing ABCD!!! You guys had a lot of fun..

I am writing it here, dear Zini, so that when you both grow up and may forget each other, you will still know that you had a very special friend whom you loved like a sister.


So Who do you like to hang out with?!?!

Surprisingly, this was the question asked to me by my very close friend L recently and it stumped me!!! Though I answered her, saying that I like to hang out with the “Sharif” people like her whom I can spoil and make them “Bigda hua” like me….Which is partly true also, I have managed to turn my good-girl friends a bit bigda hua šŸ˜‰ …

Generally I am friendly with everybody i meet and can even talk to all kind of Ā and all aged people. Ā In school and college i was friendly with lots of people. But lately I have realized that i don’t enjoy talking to everyone the way i used to, though i manage a polite conversation in such a situation, after a point i excuse myself.

But the question really got me thinking…So really what kind of people I like to hang out with? How do i click with my friends? So rather than thinking about the qualities, i thought about my friends…

My hubby who was originally my friend (well still he is my friend šŸ™‚ )…The most striking thing about him (in my view) is his honesty…He can call a spade a spade and speak his mind no matter with whom he is talking to. He doesn’t say things for his personal gain, he says it because that is what he thinks….He is also very open and doesn’t believe in hiding anything. I also enjoy his company because when we are together we have fun. We can have interesting discussions with each other and enjoy each other’s company. Also his feet are firmly on ground (well most of the times)….He supports me and understands me; helps me and motivates me..

Then my friend L, who asked me this question…She is one gem of a person. She is a kind of friend everybody would wish for. She is loyal, will support you no matter what, will gently tell you if you make a mistake but will do so in private, will be there for you not matter what and will listen to all your rants at any time of day/night..Again she is painfully honest and very very kind to everyone around her. She can be crazy at times, she once made me stop my scooty at green signal so that she can give money to theĀ beggarĀ at the traffic light!!! (well, craziness is a side effect of being my friend šŸ˜‰ ). She never used to eat out, and with me she started eating out every day, so we would gorge on some pani-puris, daabeli, vada-pao and then only go home!!!

My friend from school, N comes across as a very quiet person. She won’t talk with everybody, some may even find her snooty!!! But we enjoy together. I remember once my brother was admitted to hospital right next to her home. So i would go at her home and we would study together and then talk and play. My mom didn’t have to worry about me. Even after we went to different colleges, we continued to meet. I sometimes attended her classes and she would attend my college festival!!! She too is one of those who speaks their mind and she has many a times whacked some much needed sense in my head. My other friends from school P and P are also one of those who speak their mind. With my absent mindedness i would forget a journal or a book at home but they reminded me to carry it. Sometimes they would even help in finishing my journal when i would have forgotten to complete it!! So it was not a very uncommon site when i was seen writing on a page of my journal and P was seen drawing a diagram on the opposite page!!!

Then my friend M from college again is so much like L. She would stretch for friends and support you no matter what. Both of us, after spending the study vacation like holidays, wouldĀ panicĀ just before the exams and would study together. So she would shift base to my home and we would end up studying day and night. We were likeĀ partnersĀ in crime, where crimes ranged from gluttony(expected with me involved!!) to playing pranks, from bunking classes to gossiping and from pulling random legs to talking in the class…

One more close friend from college is H. She is one of the coolest people, who championed studies and fashion with equal ease. We would ask her questions ranging from studies to dresses , Ā and she would answer all of them with equal ease!!! and my firm belief is that she would have done equally well (or may be better) had she chosen fashion designing as a career…She was one of those sane voiceĀ among the madness. Who would draw a time table for M and me so that we study during study leaves, would shout at us for wasting time…And would take out important questions from previous years papers and share them with us, so that we can do well in exams!!!

So, i realized that all my friends are very honest (sometimes painfully honest) with me, they support me in my hour of need and care for me!!! We have fun when we talk and i can talk about anything with them!!! I really feel very lucky to have these amazing people as my friends!!

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