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From my Garden…

Well, technically you can’t call it my garden…It’s a small space in my balcony where i have kept a few plants in pots…But still would like to call it a garden 🙂

In Hyderabad, we had enough space to do gardening, but not enough time!!! Still i tried to grow Capsicum (from the seeds given by my neighbour, S uncle). The plants grew, and i could even see some small capsicums!!! But sadly at that point, the plants got some decease and died 😦

I was pretty much heart broken and decided not to do much in the garden…So i went down to maintain a few tulsi plants and growing Dhania patta occasionally…

Then we shifted back to Ahmedabad for hubby’s MBA and with Zini occupying my life and time, i forgot all about the plants…

After hubby completed his MBA we moved to Noida…I started blogging and during one blog hop i came across Seema’s blog post about her lovely balcony garden!!! And i got inspired again to start my garden 🙂

So I got some plants and my garden started growing!!! I got growing Organic Tulsi, Kadi patta, Aloevera, Methi, Spinach, radish, rose, Dhania, Mustard, Potatoes, Tomatoes, garlic, chili, Eggplant and Pudina!!! Phew!!!

Some of these experiments became successful and i reaped a decent harvest!!! Some of them marginally successful!!! and some of them flopped 😦

My Tulsi, Kadi Patta, Aloe, Spinach, Mustard, spring garlics were fairly successful!!! While Potatoes and tomatoes disappointed me with low yield…But Radish and Methi (Sparrows ate all the methi seedlings) were the biggest disappointment with no yield at all 😦

But yes let me tell you the potatoes tasted great!! I used them along with the skin and they were perfect 🙂 Also i used my spring garlic while making Undhiyu 🙂

Still waiting to harvest green chili, Pudina, Eggplant and Dhania….Wish me luck….

Home grown mustard greens – made yummy sarson ka saag 🙂

Spinach - going in the yummy paalak paneer :)

Spinach – going in the amazing paalak paneer 🙂

Tomato on the plant!!!

Tomato on the plant!!!

Potatoes, a tomato and my favorite spring garlic!!!!

Potatoes, a tomato and my favorite spring garlic!!!!


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