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No it’s not the name of a new movie made by Disney Pixar after cars and planes…This is all about how i share a love-hate relationship with trains…

Yes, I know a lot of you love to travel by trains (including Zini and my hubby) but I somehow get worried and excited with train travels at the same time…Weird, i know but I have my reasons …

The biggest issue is that all my travel partners are so obsessed about reaching the station early, at least before an hour!! Yes an hour!! I kid not!! And then long painful wait of the train starts. I remember my papa plonking us on station in SUMMER vacation!! Summer is the keyword here…

My hubby too shares this obsession of my papa. We both haggle about the starting time and finally he too manages to get us on station at least before 45 minutes. And then Zini goes berserk!! She wants to explore everything on the station and wants to touch every corner!! And after some time she gets tired and wants me to pick her up!! No papa won’t do, mumma has to pick Zini up 🙄 !!!

And don’t get me started about the hygiene in and outside trains!! A lot of stations are very dirty and toilets on the train are a nightmare and madam Zini refuses to use diaper which means 2-3 visits to this hell…Enough said…

Sleeping on a train was already a difficult thing for me and since I started travelling with Zini, it has almost become impossible. I just can’t sleep on the same berth as Zini (the berths are too tiny) and Zini won’t sleep without mummy, which essentially means that I stay awake 😦

This doesn’t mean that I completely abhor train journey, I have some happy memories of train travel too. Our great vacations have started with train journeys!! I have fond memories of travelling with my family!! I totally loved eating thepla, puri and sukhdi during those journeys (yeah, my mom too shares my OCD of homemade food)…Though sometimes she relented and let us buy those tempting but totally unhygienic things from station and cutlets from the pantry…

My train travel after my wedding, where both mine and hubby’s family traveled together felt totally like a picnic!! From every compartment we could hear loud laughing people (yeah we are a loud lot) and everybody was munching on something or the other (and yeah, we all love to eat)…

I also remember the 1st train journey that hubby and I took after 2 weeks long wedding festivities to go to Hyderabad… For the first time we were together and it finally sank in that we were married!! It was indeed a very special train journey…After that we continued to make a lot train travels and had adventures with the trains too..

P.S.: If you hear a folklore about a young girl travelling on train and buying and eating chana puri from each station, then believe me, the story is totally true!!


Go (to) Goa…

– If you are newly married…So that you can fall in love (if not already) and learn that love doesn’t stem from how your loved one looks or what he wears (or doesn’t wear!!)…It stems from accepting the way your loved ones as he is…

– If you have been married for years now and can finally go on a vacation alone without worrying about diapers, schools, exams; To enjoy each others’ company once again!!!!

– To once again ride that scooty and this time with your li’l one riding with you!!!

– So that you can see how ocean unites everybody, the little and the old, the rich and the poor, the adventurer and the frightened…The ocean hugs everybody with the same loving waves!!!

– To understand the meaning of the smile the fellow sea bather gives you…..

– To see happy faces everywhere….

– If you like fish, coconut and banana (or any one of them)!!!

– To get a generous dose of Vitamin D!!!!

– To escape the cold wave riding in your city….

– To relax and to drive on aimlessly, just enjoying the nature & the weather!!!

– To sit and do nothing except watching the sun setting on the sea…

– To build sand castles and nakli chairs for everyone to sit on…

– To see your little one going crazily mad, laughing, shouting and enjoying the sea!!!!

– So that you can use that swimming costume….

– For some adventure, perheps!!

– For music by the beach!!!


Goa – Image from here

Do you need any more reason?!?!

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