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English Vinglish (It’s not a movie review)

After having Zini, i never thought i will be watching movies again in theater, leave alone write about one of them. But here i am writing about English Vinglish, and yes i watched it in theater!!! But if you are thinking this is a full fledged review of the movie, then sorry, it is not!!! Instead this post is about how i felt after watching the movie…

I wanted to watch English Vinglish because of Sridevi and thought hubby may not be interested so i planned to go with my friend after dropping Zini to school. But hubby said he to would like to watch it (thanks to Rajiv Masand who gave this one 3 and 1/2 stars!!!), so this sunday night we went and watched the movie and i am glad we did it 🙂

The movie is a little cliched at places (i would not spoil the fun by divulging too many details in case you have not watched it). I would have loved if she had little more fun, but nevertheless Shashi played by Sridevi was a very likable character. The story revolves around how Shashi feels helpless, out of place and humiliated at times because of (lack of) her English skills, and finally how she overcomes all the negativeness and emerges a happier person. Did i say i loved the movie?! And after a long time a movie and its characters stayed with me after it ended!!!!

After watching the movie i read interview of the director, Gauri Shinde in old newspaper (yeah, Zini went to school and now i can read newspaper peacefully :)), after reading that I am surprised that how strikingly different is the thought process of Gauri (the director) and  Shashi(the character)…

It also made me think about my relation with my mother when i was a teen. I remember that we had our differences but i & my brother never looked down on my mom and never did my father the way Shashi’s daughter and husband does that. I always found them equal. It was the case with my grandparents and uncles and aunts too. Almost all the women in my family have their own identity and are strong and independent.They are educated and working outside home, so they are financially independent. They can drive a vehicle, so they are not dependent on anybody to go anywhere, they can move around as they please. None of them is afraid of travelling alone or managing in a new place alone!!!

I also remember my mom teaching us to respect everybody. I remember her telling me that everybody can’t be perfect at everything, but the other person always has some knowledge that you don’t have and you better respect that person for that and try to learn from him/her!!!

The movie also made me think about my school!!! I studied in a Gujarati medium school. But i speak decent English. Sometimes better than some students educated in English medium. There are lots of people from my school who speak really good English and are very articulate. When the FM radio started in Ahmedabad, most of the RJs were from my school!!! All this makes me realize that in our school we were encouraged to communicate and to do public speaking which resulted in our love for language. And once you learn to  communicate well in one language, learning a new one isn’t that difficult!!! I feel lucky to have studied there…

I also remember when i started studying English for the first time in 5th standard. I used to practice speaking English with my mom (i had this habit of telling my mom everything i studied in school, i even bombarded her with information on human respiratory, blood and digestive systems while studying biology!!!)…

It also reminded me of the time when i was preparing for GRE and TOEFL. I used to watch English movies with subtitles to understand the accent (as TOEFL at that time had a section on listening where you had to listen to a passage spoken in American accent and then answer questions based on that).

Wow, never thought a movie can spark off so many memories!!! Thankfully they are all happy ones.

Though i am surprised how the movie didn’t make me think about my relationship with hubby or Zini. Probably because i am still not at that stage in life…

Go watch this movie, i am sure that will make you also feel good and will stay with you for a long time 🙂


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