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(You know you are a mom when) Cube

Rememember the posts i did about You know you are a mom when..(here and here).

Well obviously it’s impossible to come up with complete list, so here are few more tell-tale signs of mommy hood…

1) You shudder at the “F” word (Fever!!)

2) You just can’t wait for the school vacations to END…

3) You have gained so much knowledge about the childhood illnesses, that you think you can become a doctor…

4) If not doctor then at least a nurse, after all you have so much of experience in this field now…

5) Or a nutritionist may be?!? Haven’t you already done phenomenal amount of research in this field?!?!

6) You get interested in cooking!!!

7) You are 101% convinced that the question “Yeh Kya hai (what’s this)” is hurled at you at least 1001 times a day!!!

8) You think that having a head massage and after that taking a head bath takes soooooooooooooo much time and is a luxury for the privileged few, and going to a beauty parlor also falls in the same category…

9) You hop, skip, run, jump and drop everything when you hear the P word (potty) from the little one, just to be told that “Ab nahi aa rahi (Don’t want to do it now)”!!!

10) You search the net for potty training tips!!!

11) You know who Dora, Boots, Chhota Bheem, Barney, Teletubbies or some such sundry characters are…

12) You marvel at the fact that how that little baby who always used to sleep (okay, used to nurse and poop also) has started walking, talking and pakaoing you!!!

13) When you are not able to find something, only your little one will be able to throw some light on its whereabouts…

14) You use a big big purse and it always has a diaper, sipper and something to eat…

15) People call to wish you on your birthday and then talk about your child only…

16) When your parents (and your in-laws, your maasi, your brother, your friends, in short everybody!!!) go from a plain “Hmmmm” to an excited “Haaan Beta” when they realize that it’s the little one calling using your phone…

17) You know that “Lello” means “Yellow” or it can even mean “Hello”!!!

18) And you still have the exponential rate of rise in respect for your mom….


Zini’s Mini Tales

Risms inspired me to record my zini’s amusing (& sometimes annoying) antics… So here they go…………..

Tale 1:

Zini loves to add extra bindi (Anuswaar) to words. Few examples:

Normal lingo                       Zini Lingo

Kitchen                               Kinchan

Pigeon                                 Pinjan

Machhar(Mosquito)             Manchar

Button                                  Bantan

Tale 2:

Zini’s friend T has come home. (Well, actually T is a 2nd standard kid & zini has not even completed 2 years. But still they are friends!!!)

Zini (Authoritatively): Didi, Didi, T, T…….

T: Kya Hua, Zini?? (What happened, Zini)

Zini (points to her tri-cycle): Be-Be (Betho- Sit)

T (Shocked): you want me to sit on your chotu sa cycle?

Zini: haaaaaaaa (Pulling T to Cycle)

T: Okay Baba!! (Sweet T, gives in to every whim of zini)

So, now the scene is:

T is sitting on the cycle (not able to pedal because her legs are too long for the cycle.) & Zini is pushing the cycle. Both of them laughing & having fun!!!

And now every time T comes home, Zini makes her sit on the cycle & pushes it.

Tale 3:

Me: Chalo, let me cut Bhindi…

Zini (shouts excitedly): Kaam Kaam……….(Work Work….)

So Zini brings her own bowl & whatever i cut, she picks up & puts in her own bowl !!!! (still excitedly shouting Kaam Kaam)

Tale 4:

Zini says Hi to everything, mind it everyTHING.

Me: Chhotu tummy ko bhukhi lagi hai? (is small tummy hungry?)

Zini (Pulling her t-shirt a little up) : Hi Totu tummy, Bhukhi (Hungry)?!?!?

Then we go for a walk. Near the lift there are many mosquitos. So zini says “Hi Manchar, Hello”.

Once we go down, we meet a neighbour. She tries hard to talk to Zini.Says “Hi Zini”. This time Zini doesn’t even bother to look at her.

See, the Zini-losophy says, “Say Hi to things not the people”

Tale 5:

Zini has started saying “Thank you”!!! This is what happened when she tried it on her Papa.

Zini: Papa, Paai Paai (Pani, Pani)

Papa gives water to Zini.

Zini: Tantu Papa (Thank you Papa)

Papa: Huh?!??! (looks at me) what did she just say?

Me (smiling smugly): Arey Baba, it’s Thank you!!!

The Scene changes, zini wants to help me serve food (Kaam Kaam..). so she is carrying roti (1 by 1, takes longer to serve = zini is occupied for longer time), gives roti to Papa.

Zini: Papa Tantu.

Papa: Arey Beta, you don’t have to say Thank you…

Zini: Tantu Papa Tantu (getting irritated).

Papa is perplexed!!!

Me: I think she wants you to say Thank you.

Papa (realization dawning on him): Thank you Beta!!

Zini: Ok Papa!!

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