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Your Friend….

Dear Zini,

You have a friend  Y in Ahmedabad. Your friendship started when her mom brought the 5 months old Y out and 6 months old you too were out for breath of fresh air. You met for the first time then.. Her and your grandparents were neighbours.

You both would wake up at night, you both would scream loudly, you both fell ill at same time and you both looked so tiny!! Her mom (K auntie) and I would complain how you both were robing us of our sleep. Then you both grew a little and started crawling all over the place, literally!! So you and Y were seen crawling in the common area on our floor, while both the dadis kept a watchful eye on you. A lot of passer bys would think that you were twins!! You both looked alike!!

Then we shifted to Noida, but you remembered your friend and she remembered you!! A few months later Y visited us with her family at Noida and you both picked up from where you had left. You being generous and sharing your toys was a great sight!! Then we went to Ahmedabad and you both were hardly seen without each other!! Either Y was at our home or you were her place!! You shared toys, food, laugh and sometimes blows 😉 But you loved each other.

When we came back, you made me call her. She went everyday to your grandparents place to search for you and ask them, “Zini kyare aavshe?” (When will Zini come?). When your dadi called us to tell that Y had a freak accident you were worried, you kept asking me when will she be alright.

Last time we visited Ahmedabad, you guys were inseparable. Crying to be with each other when dragged to sleep. Sharing her cycle and riding it turn by turn (sometimes together)!! Eating parathas and bhakharis!! Spilling water in the common area and Making painting using water!! Doing garba to the beat of “Nagade sang dhol baaje”!! Doing “Ringa ringa” and singing ABCD!!! You guys had a lot of fun..

I am writing it here, dear Zini, so that when you both grow up and may forget each other, you will still know that you had a very special friend whom you loved like a sister.


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