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Fun Day!!

was today!!

We had Zini’s best friend P, from school over at our home!!

She had behaved so nicely during her winter vacation that her mom agreed to her wish of visiting Zini!!

Naah!! I am joking.. Just like Zini the girl was going bonkers at home, hence her mom decided to bring her over so that the girls can fraternize while we at least could catch our breath!!

Yesterday I received a call from R (P’s mother) andshe  asked me if we were equally desperate for some peace… And as such was the case, we fixed the play date for today..

Zini was all excited and declared that she would make a cake for her friend… So we baked an orange chiffon cake yesterday. And today converted it to smiley cake using cream 🙂

We also made french fries and methi na muthiya.. (yeah, i had to give food update 😉 )

Zini went to sleep talking about P and woke up asking when would she come.. Zini’s whole morning was spent waiting for P…

And when P came it was an Awww moment!! Both girls hugged and held hands and Zini led P to her treasure trove of toys…She even granted P an entry in her home (a tent)!! Even we are not allowed in her home 🙄

We took them down in the park, they sang, they ran, they played, they laughed and they cried!! That’s when we decided to bring them back to home and bribe them with the smiley cake!!

Zini’s other friend J and her mom too came home and we had cake!! And then the kids had chocolates brought by R. And they went back to the serious business of playing!!

It’s fun we have our favorite people around no matter what age we are!! And then all days become fun days!!


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